Delacroix introduces us to Kimiko Chan

The deadly adventures of Japanese student Kimiko will leave you breathless

16 Oct 2020

We know many creators, many, thousands!
We met and listened to them all, one by one.
For this reason, when the years pass and they come back to visit us with a new project, we are not only proud of the work done, but excited to see them grow with us.
Is it the case of Delacroix, a veteran creator, who has arrived in his fourth campaign with us, the secret of his achievements?
Find out in our interview: news on his new comic, tips on how to create a successful campaign and lots of drawings ... lethal!

For those who still don't know, how was Kimiko Chan born?

Kimiko-chan was born practically by chance. Last year (around this time, so happy first birthday Kimiko-chan, among other things) I drew, to warm my hand, a Japanese student. I drew it a second, a third time and so on, the first cartoons were born in which I liked to contrast the innocent appearance of a high school student with horrible and criminal actions (including selling one's companions to organ traffickers, filling swimming pools school with sharks and stuff). The idea immediately appealed to my loyal readers and I decided to create a series of serial cartoons first and a comic that winks at manga now, adding a whole world around the blue protagonist.

The references to pop culture and Japanese manga are clear, but is there any character or reference that inspired you the most and why?

I was very inspired by the school and slice of life series with zany and random Japanese humor, such as Nichijou by the teacher Keiichi Arawi, or "The penis of senpai" by the teacher Youichi Abe and many other series that I am not here to list, but adding gore and horror elements very inspired by Junji ito's masterpieces passing then to western references and parodies of action and horror films. But these references are very light, they are absolutely not invasive.

You are in your fourth campaign with eppela, we are flattered, why did you opt for our platform and why would you recommend it?

I am not a person tied to Italian things, or rather, let me explain: I do not choose a service just because it is Italian. In the case of Eppela, however, I can safely speak of Italian excellence that has nothing to envy to the international foreign counterparts (indeed, it would have to teach). The platform is stable and safe, absolutely user-friendly, the staff are polite, helpful and very professional, a constant presence on social networks and the overall excellent service. So I can safely say that I choose Eppela because it is an Italian reality that deserves and to those who are considering creating a crowdfunding campaign I can guarantee that with Eppela they will be 100% satisfied.

The strengths of your project and some suggestions for those who want to fund their publishing work from below.

In the specific case of this project I think that one of the strong points is the eccentricity of the protagonist and the fact that potentially none of the supporters really know what they will find inside the comic, because I was very careful not to let anything leak out, if not some sporadic clue.

Before launching a crowdfunding campaign, it usually takes about a year to try to get people loyal to the project. Loyalty is very important, it is practically a question of success. After that it takes a constant presence on social media, trying not to suffocate the followers (and it is not easy) and above all without begging for their participation. And above all: you must be the first to believe in your project.

Does Kimiko Chan want to make any statements or greetings for our interview?

I asked. This was his response: "..."

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