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12 Oct 2020

The pandemic has changed, and a lot, our daily life.

For example: how much do you miss cinema and theater?
To us, a lot! And that's why we want to offer you a “solution”: Birdmen Magazine, the collector's magazine capable of letting you breathe the air of the room.
Insights, interviews, criticisms, news. All about the audiovisual and performative world.

Enter the world of Birdmen to return to enjoy the show, even from home.

When and how was the idea of ​​Birdmen Magazine born?

Birdmen Magazine was born in Pavia at the end of 2015 from the idea of some university students who wanted to create a place where they could talk about cinema, series and theater, pursuing quality and depth of analysis. 

In October 2018 Birdmen found its autonomy from the university by becoming a registered newspaper, starting to grow and carve out an increasingly important place in the publishing ecosystem linked to entertainment. 

Over time, prestigious collaborations have grown with industry festivals (Biografilm, Pentedattilo, Concorto and many others) and with institutions and realities that have cinema, serial production and theater at their center. Birdmen Magazine's goal is to extend its cultural network, born from below, which connects city and academic realities linked to the magazine's areas of interest. 

Through the daily publishing activity, the design and production of paper specials and the proposal of new and unpublished cultural initiatives, Birdmen tries to offer itself more and more as a recognizable and authoritative pole within the criticism, study and information on cinema, series and theater.

What makes the Magazine special?

Birdmen Magazine is a unique and unrepeatable reality because it is born from the bottom, founding its roots in the academic environment linked to the study of the show, but placing itself with a view to sharing and disseminating everything related to cinema, series and theater. 

Our editorial work is always very attentive to the selection of contents in order to create a coherent and quality discourse that does not aim only at the news or the review, but which seeks a deep and conscious look, proposing new reflections to the reader. 

Birdmen is an open reality, open to collaborations and based on a type of craftsmanship: in addition to articles, we create illustrations, interviews, video content, podcasts, etc. in total autonomy.

In addition, in addition to careful attention to the production and festival world of audiovisuals, Birdmen can boast of offering a unique and very in-depth vision of the theatrical panorama, an aspect that is lacking in the publishing of our country.

Tell us about you. Who is your team composed of?

The editorial staff of Birdmen Magazine has a team of more than ninety collaborators, engaged in the work of writing, illustration, creation of multimedia content, translation, social media management, etc. 

Everything is led by a board of nine managers and by the director Lorenzo Filippo Giardina. 

The strength of the Birdmen team is its great variety of skills and interests, spread among all the members of the editorial team and organized into operational groups that interact with each other in perfect synchrony. In addition, the editorial office - which has its main centers in Pavia and Bologna - is increasingly widespread throughout the country, allowing widespread attention to the different realities that populate the entertainment world.

Cinema and theater, like many other sectors, are experiencing a particularly difficult time. What happens in the publishing field? What does it mean to work on a project like yours in Italy today?

If there is one thing that the entertainment world particularly needs today, it is a voice that tells its reality at a time of great economic, cultural and productive hardship. 

In all this, publishing does not seem able to respond concretely, because for some time it has also been experiencing a phase of decline, both qualitative and quantitative. 

Birdmen, with its paper, wants to act as a counter-trend voice that, looking to the future, knows how to respond to the needs of the present. 

Our online activity - now something essential for any publishing reality - makes no sense to us if it fails to materialize into something material, physical, which arrives in the reader's hands and puts the ever-changing gaze on a panorama - that of the spectacle - which today more than ever needs an open space, independent and concretely present both in the halls and theaters, and in the lives of the spectators.

Why the choice of crowdfunding? What do you think of the instrument?

Crowdfunding is an opportunity for Birdmen to take flight towards a perspective of ever greater independence and sustainability, involving as much as possible all the people who over the years have found in our reality a point of reference to deepen the world of cinema, seriality and of the theater. 

After making the newspaper autonomous from a legal point of view with its registration, the next goal of the Birdmen editorial team is to become independent from institutional and university support structures in order to gain greater autonomy and become a self-sustainable reality that walks with the own legs. 

Crowdfunding becomes, in this logic, a very powerful tool to involve as many people as possible in the realization of our projects, starting with the paper, the spearhead of our editorial work. 

The choice to carry out the crowdfunding campaign in a space like Eppela is an incentive for us to devise new and different initiatives to be financed together with our supporters, which go beyond editorial products and which touch the world of entertainment in all its aspects. 

We believe that this is the right place and the most powerful way to reach and directly involve our readers and to introduce a new audience to the ever-changing reality that is Birdmen Magazine.

What advantages and exclusives will Birdmen Magazine supporters get in return?

Those who decide to support the creation of the new Birdmen Magazine paper will first of all have guaranteed and sent home the newly printed collector's number, with their name on a dedicated page. 

In addition to this, each reward has its own identity, with exclusive prizes: starting from the pin and the shopper with the Birdmen logo, passing through various services and personalized contents. In fact, you can choose to access Birdmen's premium contents for six months, normally reserved for members of Birdmen APS, including monthly thematic masterclasses; we also offer the opportunity to come and see a theatrical show in the company of one of our editors, with the option of taking part in our podcast - NerdBird - if it is not possible to arrange a show to attend; it is also possible to choose to take part in a private and personalized lesson, held by the members of the editorial staff, on a topic of their choice of cinema, series or theater. 

In short, supporting Birdmen's crowdfunding means actively and exclusively participating in the life of our magazine, becoming in some way protagonists of the show!

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