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"Cafè Rimet" is born, the magazine that collects the best football articles from all the newspapers on the planet

05 Oct 2020

Are you a football lover?

This is the crowdfunding campaign you are waiting for!

At the end of October, Cafè Rimet will be released, the new magazine - digital on but also in print - which will collect and translate the best of football articles and sports articles from all the world's newspapers every month.
Like a literary café, dedicated solely and exclusively to the world of football, which breaks down language barriers and offers everyone the opportunity to discover truly special stories from every corner of the planet.

The idea comes from Offside Italia, the first football film festival, born from below in 2018 right here on Eppela: https: // ...

Cafè Rimet is not yet born but it is already an editorial case!
We discover it together with Filippo Iemmolo, one of the founders.

Let's start from the beginning. How did the idea of ​​Cafè Rimet come about?

Cafè Rimet was born from the bottom less than six months, from the idea of Offside Festival Italia which captured the increasingly widespread desire, especially during the quarantine period dictated by Covid-19, to find new original sources of sports entertainment and new tools for football analysis

For us it was a natural transition: with Offside Festival, since 2017 we have been importing preview films about football from all over the world and translating them into Italian to allow them to be enjoyed by our local public. 

In the same way we have decided to continue this mission by passing from cinema to literature.

What is different about it from other football magazines?

Cafè Rimet puts aside football current events and the purely Italian point of view, to give space to in-depth study, to foreign cultures and to the beauty that can be read from the rest of the world.

An editorial experiment that follows the success of the famous “Internazionale” magazine and that adapts itself to football, where sports literature is experiencing one of its most prosperous periods.

A real panacea for lovers of this sport, who will finally be able to have a monthly reference point where they prefer in-depth analysis and inquiries to the VAR and the transfer market, with the possibility of always discovering unpublished football stories and different points of view.

You are at your second crowdfunding, the first was for the organization of your Film Festival. What do you think of the tool?

Having an active campaign on Eppela means obtaining a digital landing point that maximizes the visibility of the project and the efforts that the designer makes to achieve the goal. 

In fact, such a tool makes life much easier, because it allows you to channel all the efforts that each person on the team undertakes to contribute to the campaign.

Each crowdfunding campaign is a challenge, from start to finish: it means focusing extremely on reaching the economic goal in a very limited period of time, with all that goes with it.

What advantages and exclusives will the supporters of Cafè Rimet have in return?

The crowdfunding campaign aims to create all the monthly issues of the first year of the magazine and therefore this adventure on Eppela serves above all to collect the first subscriptions and officially launch number 1

The subscriptions available in these days via crowdfunding (in paper or digital) are discounted compared to the full price that the magazine will have from November onwards and, in addition, those who support Cafè Rimet will receive one or more entrance tickets for free to participate in streaming at our Offside Film Festival, which starts on the 16th October (, with more than 10 new films on football in preview competition.

For the most passionate donors there is also the possibility of reserving an exclusive entry into the selection committee of the Cafè Rimet editorial staff, which will choose month by month which articles will be selected and translated.

Among the rewards there are also t-shirts and posters depicting the special cover of number 1 of Cafè Rimet: an ad hoc illustration by the Serbian artist Marija Markovic.

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