Behind the scenes of "The Equilibrist with the Star"

J. C. Abraham De Palma tells us the background of the history of the circus that saved the Jews from the Shoah.

16 Sep 2020

The importance of giving yourself a certain tone

It is not every day that you have the opportunity to get to know the behind the scenes of a work, especially if it reveals curious details, twists and famous artists. We at eppela had this privilege by being able to get to the heart of the award-winning film The Equilibrist with the Star.
A feature film starring the life of two young lovers, a circus and the difficulties to escape the war and the drama of the Shoah.
A unique story that will also see the participation of ANGELO MAGGI as the voice actor of the lead actor (former official voice of Iron Man, Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis), all surrounded by twists, breathtaking scenery and much more. Good vision.

How was The Palma Movie born and what are the works you want to remind our readers?

The Palma Movie was officially born about less than a year ago and all our works are still currently in progress, "The tightrope walker with the star", NARCOS ITALIA, and some short films in progress, except the short film Dear DAD directed by the directors Alessandro Campagna and Ivan Pascal Sella which was shot, edited and completed in record time, the work received over 40 nominations for best short film and won several AWARDS all over the world, becoming a product much appreciated by many spectators.

How was the story of L'Equilibrista con la Stella born and where will we be able to see it once filming is over?

The film was born from an idea of Valeria Volpe (the screenwriter and mother of the director Davide Campagna) who wanted to describe a theme as important as that of the Shoah, inspired by the true story of the director of a circus who saved the Jews during the period of the Nazi persecutions. Filming began in 2016 but then due to budget insufficiency it was interrupted in 2018, until my takeover in 2019, where in a chance meeting with the director I decided to take an interest in the subject, since it has always been very close to my heart. we deepened our relationship on the subject and we decided together to continue the work to bring it to completion by completing the work, so it was that I officially became the Producer of the film.

We have begun to research the various distributions willing to disclose the work, but we are not yet in final negotiations with them and therefore it may be premature to say where the work will be disclosed, whether on web platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, or if on television network or cinema, certainly the national premiere will be screened in the various cinemas of Turin initially and then continue the journey at higher levels, including abroad.

Why a crowdfunding campaign, what are its strengths?

With Crowdfunding as Eppela says, the future is made up of many. This means that thanks to the donations necessary to complete the work in its entirety, each supporter does not simply give his money for a good purpose or for the success of an interesting project, but becomes part of it 110% becoming an integral part and fundamental of the project itself, receiving in exchange its reward, not only moral, but also material.

Abraham, you too, like your grandfather's cousin Brian De palma, have chosen to follow the path of cinema, what effect does it have to have such an important ancestor in the history of cinema?

This question is asked by many! To tell the truth, I have always known that I have an important Director as a relative, but until the age of 14 I never fully realized how much this relative, who was occasionally talked about in the family, was so IMPORTANT, also because my judgment up to that age regarding the role of the director did not recognize a great importance to that role as to that of the actor. It was when I first saw Scarface and the Untouchables that I realized that behind every great film there is the mind of a great director, and my greatest amazement was just that, knowing that those great films had directed my own. relative, from there my deep esteem towards him began until I wanted to follow in his footsteps several years later.

By the way, I take this opportunity to wish him and my uncle Alessandro who were both born on the same day, 11 September, but with twenty years difference from each other.

Happy birthday to you both, it is an honor to be your relative!

Whit Love,

J.C. Abraham De Palma

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