Pest Control: will you be pest or exterminator ?!

An innovative short that tells the social discrimination seen through the eyes of the victims

14 Sep 2020

How did your work group and the history of Pest Control start?

Our group was born in February 2020 when Andrea Stocchi's screenplay was selected by the Tuscan Cinema Academy as the final exam of the academic year. The team was formed by the producers Sara Frempton and Stefano Genovese, from the preferences indicated by Andrea himself; based on the affinity on the subject dealt with, the group immediately showed interest in the work and its message. The screenplay was born from the mind of Andrea Stocchi who wanted to write a black comedy taking up social issues such as discrimination and immigration.

The story gives a glimpse of clear references to the present day, is there a particular fact that has marked and prompted you to deal with this issue?

There was no real fact that inspired the story, it was a combination of various events that have happened and are happening in the world, such as racial discrimination, which occurs every day and bombard news and media. Another factor that inspired this story are historical events such as racial laws, discrimination of African American communities. Let's say that the themes dealt with have to do with current or historical facts without however dwelling on one in particular. The short film wants to launch a generic message that looks out over all periods both past and present.

What are the difficulties that in your opinion young people entering the world of cinema encounter today?

The main difficulty for young people today is funding. We argue that from the point of view of technique and use of tools, today there are no problems with the advent of digital technology which has greatly facilitated and opened up a chance for everyone to do this job. The problem is to find supporters to be able to carry out the projects, especially in Italy where the market is very selective, many producers perhaps prefer to finance projects of people already known and do not give space to a young person or an exhibitor to do something. We limit ourselves to saying that the problem is limited to this because otherwise it is not difficult nowadays for a young person to take a camera in hand and film, just as it is not difficult to get to know other people who can collaborate on a project; the difficulty always remains in obtaining funds through producers or financiers.

Why is it important to support your collection and what are its strengths?

By financing us on eppela you will not only support a project that has a strong message to tell but by doing so you will also help a group of young people with dreams and hope who want to make their little film. Through the financing of this project and the realization you help to create a springboard for us who want to take this path and who still have a lot to say.

Would you like to give us some anticipation or scoop on the film?

We can only anticipate that the short will be an explosion of things: there will be comedy, drama, friendship, all told with a good dose of irony and breathtaking special effects but above all there will be the great interpretation of the child actor Malik Gueye.

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