Music starts again with the Tafuzzy Days Festival

The Tafuzzy Days Festival turns 18, let's celebrate it together!

05 Aug 2020

Making music is not an easy job. Making music, free from system logic, trying to keep its nature unchanged over time, is even less so. Making music becomes almost impossible if you put a global pandemic in the middle that forces social distancing. Yet the Tafuzzy Days Festival does it.

Having reached its eighteenth birthday, the well-known Riccione Festival blows out its candles together with its audience, albeit with all the necessary precautions to carry out the evenings safely. Born thanks to a collective of friends almost 20 years ago, today the Tafuzzy Days challenges the times and wins thanks to its audience. Let's find out how all this was possible!

How did the Tafuzzy festival come about and what is its connection with the homonymous record label?

We met in high school during the same rehearsal rooms, record stores and concerts. The idea of becoming a collective, creating a record label and organizing a festival was born in 2003 partly for fun and partly for emulation of the American artists we were obsessed with. We had bands, we wanted to play and feel part of a scene. Nobody knew us beyond our circle and it was not so easy to be called to play. So we started to self-produce CDs burned with our songs, take care of the cover graphics, upload the songs online on our site and then on social media and in parallel we moved to organize our festival. Initially to be able to play us and then to invite the artists we knew, discovered, esteemed. Without ever taking ourselves too seriously, we created around ourselves what we wanted and still wasn't there.

This year the Tafuzzy Festival comes of age. How have these 18 years been together and which season do you remember with the greatest enthusiasm?

Eighteen years are not a few. When we started, we were all still in university. Now there are those who have moved abroad for work, who have started a family. None of us perceive a source of income from the organization of the festival. We continue to do it because we like it and it is now a rare opportunity to meet again once a year to do things together as it once was. In the first editions the same bands practically always played, from 2007 onwards there was a first turning point and for this I remember that edition with particular pleasure, it was the first time at Castello degli Agolanti, the first time that they played Camillas, X-MAry and Chewingum who later became brothers, fireworks started from a nearby party to make the situation unrepeatable. I remember a good energy and a lot of affection. This was how we wanted our festival. From then on, it is difficult to choose one edition over another. I felt particularly successful that of 2017 with Sorcerers and Extraliscio.

2020 a difficult year for music and especially for live shows and festivals, can you tell us what you are facing to complete everything and what will this year's edition offer?

The most difficult thing I would say was choosing whether or not to organize the festival. All things considered, one year will probably be a loss. And apart from that, the idea of putting others' health at risk by involuntarily creating opportunities for contagion does not drive us crazy. Despite all this, we felt it necessary to try to do something anyway. Being careful and observing all preventive measures, of course, but we need to share something beautiful this year even more than the others. For this reason we found ourselves having to study new solutions, proceed always remaining elastic and open to the various eventualities, request the support of friends to help us during the days of the festival and the public. There will be some less artists per evening but also one more evening. They will play: In.Version Clotinsky, Teo Wise, Sibode DJ, Soria, Valeria Sturba, X-Mary, Fadi, Zona MC, Setti. Who when indicated and on the poster. The evening of Saturday 22nd will be an experiment which in addition to the participation of the live guests includes the live projection of LUCCICHINI EVERYWHERE: the mega concert with many friendly friends on stage that the 56th Pesaro International New Cinema Show will dedicate to the memory of Mirko Bertuccioli . We strongly wanted to be part of this event. Those who know our history know how important it is for us. Finally, inside the Castle, an exclusive multimedia installation will be set up entitled "The music of the future" created by Tafuzzy and I Camillas which will bring together the contributions of dozens of artists.

How did the idea of ​​launching a crowdfunding campaign come about, what are the prizes and strengths of the project you want to emphasize to your readers?

Faced with the fact that the number of participants in the festival evenings will be limited, we needed the possibility of guaranteeing the place for those who kept us without, however, requiring the purchase of a ticket. The festival has always been free to offer and will be the same again this year. We therefore thought of emphasizing the aspect of support. If you help us and show that you care about the festival, in return we will keep your place and give you some gadgets. For example, we are preparing an exclusive illustration of the festival which will be screen printed and given to supporters. There will be the possibility to choose CDs or t-shirts from the Tafuzzy banquet. For the super supporters there is also a drink at the end of the evening offered and together with the organizers. Detailed instructions on how to do it are on our website The offer can be made here on Eppela. Thank you

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