Let's turn TAO's Love Bus engines back on and still bring the Spirit of Rock to the streets!

10 Jul 2020

Flower Power and a lot of Rock arrive at your house with TAO!

TAO is a "singer-rocker". This is how he is defined by those who have been following him for years and love him. Eggià because Valerio Ziglioli, aka TAO, has made himself known all over the world for years thanks to his revolutionary and colorful Volkswagen van from 1974, which allowed him to give life to the TAO Love Bus Experience or the "concert that goes directly from People".

Rocker in the soul, in music, but above all in life, today as well as more than 15 years ago, he puts himself into play, once again revolutionizing the canonical streets of music without being blocked by the pitfalls of these times.

Despite the lockdown that has stopped his long and intense road made of over 2000 live concerts, he successfully manages to bring his music into people's homes through the crowdfunding campaign currently underway.

So what are we waiting for? Let's get on the love bus right away.

How did the idea of ​​creating the TAO Love Bus Experience (the tour on board the Love Bus) come about?

Creative ideas arise from the most disparate (and sometimes desperate) stimuli and life situations. And that's what happened to me back in 2005, when my first album was released, I traveled to London, read Jack Kerouac's "On the Road", bought two vintage vehicles - a '71 Ford Escort and a Volkswagen bus from '74 (then whitish and dented) - and I lost my father, remaining orphaned and with several big problems to solve on the shoulders. But I also read a book that turned out to be fundamental - "Peace and Love" by Ezio Guaitamacchi, where the author recounted the psychedelia of the West Coast and the Flower Power of the late 60s.

From an explosive cocktail made of survival instinct, the need to find those roots that I had lost, the need to create a bridge with the People of the world through Music ... the madness of playing inside the bus that I had bought a few months earlier was born and to bring my songs and my children directly to the public. The minibus, from ugly duckling that was, turned into a swan - thanks to the fantastic graphics designed by Fimao Design - and took the name of TAO Love Bus.

Tell us about your first tour: where did it take place and what are the strongest memories you still carry with you?

And who forgets ... it was 2007 and I was young, full of that crazy energy mixed with a conscious desperation. I set up a sort of Armata Brancaleone del Rock - composed by my musicians of the time Giuseppe Fiori and Fabio D'Amico (determinants in setting up this great fairy tale), by the sound engineer Andrea Borgnino (the genius who devised the amplification system of the Love Bus) and other friends who helped make that adventure unique. Our base was the attic (entirely occupied by us) of a pension in Cervia in Romagna. From there began our forays on the road, with bands and sound engineer inside the bus to play, and the army of friends (a dozen in all) on the street to fly, give information and sell records. A hippie caravan on the move, in the height of summer, rock'n'roll ball, an indescribable dream ... a total blunder.

2005 - 2020. 15 years of music, what has changed since then also in playing live according to Tao.

In the pre-smartphone and pre-facebook era, people (I don't like to call them "people") were much more emotional and responsive to the stimuli of "real" life. They let themselves get involved and excited more. And especially in the early years, our passage aboard the TAO Love Bus was seen as the arrival of aliens from space. Several records were sold directly on the street, sometimes those who dealt with merchandising could not keep up with the requests of the public. Once in Milan we made something like almost 100 CDs in a single day (which for the time was already a significant number). There was a feeling that True Music and original and unique proposals were appreciated and taken into consideration. For 5/6 years many things have changed ... People, not all of course, tend to behave like "people" who have everything. And that all demands it for free and without even saying thank you. Fortunately, there aren't only people like this ...

Unfortunately Covid marked the 2020 event season, but you have found a way to bring your Love Bus to people's homes thanks to your crowdfunding, tell us why it is important to support it.

It is important to support the originality, uniqueness, authenticity, truth of a project. It is important to support the blood, sweat and passion put into this project. It is important to give credit to those who, through music, make concrete gestures, such as bringing Love and Beauty directly to your face, on the four wheels of a minibus from the 70s. It is important to reward those who beat themselves to lay bare their soul and make it available to the world. And MUSIC is important. You must sit on the throne. That's why it's important to support TAO and the Love Bus Experience by-buying the next two albums!

Over 2000 thousand concerts around the world, we also imagine with different artistic collaborations, would you like to tell a few?

On the adventures of TAO I should write a book. I always promise myself that I have to do it but then the present and musical projects call me to relationship. The artistic collaborations have been many and the most important are undoubtedly those with the amazing musicians that I have had the privilege of having by my side aboard the Love Bus. I want to name at least those who have played permanently or more than once: Giuseppe Fiori, Fabio D'Amico, Luca Campagnari, Andrea Viti, Raffaele Fiori, Alex Canella, Guerrino Sina, Francesco Rivabene and Luigi Lo Curzio (the last four are "still on board "). And there are also sound technicians, without whom music cannot come out of the Love Bus speakers: Andrea Borgnino, Alberto Fratini, Gianluca Olivieri, Giorgio Baù, Gigi Marino, Peppe Fortugno, Guerrino Sina (the last three still on board) .
Then there are other beautiful and important collaborations: Alberto Fortis (of which I had the privilege of being a live guitarist from 2004 to 2011), Garbo (for whom I wrote the single "I want to die young"). I also remember with great pleasure and pride the collaboration with Virgin Radio and our 2015 tour with them in Southern Italy, a tour strongly desired by the historic publisher Alberto Hazan, to whom I will be eternally grateful.
But the most decisive "collaboration" of all is that with ANA, my inspiring muse and life partner (and now also of music). Without his presence there would be no Love Bus Experience in circulation and, I can say it with certainty, there would be no TAO to tell you about it. His face is imprinted on the side of the Love Bus and in all my songs. And you can finally hear his voice on the two new albums so ...

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