Change of life, change of home!

From the center of Milan to the heart of Cilento, the story of Pierpaolo and Massimo who have chosen to be happy.

08 Jul 2020

City life can offer many benefits and opportunities.
But at what price?

Metropolitan life is a complex phenomenon and, today more than ever, we hear about the damage it can do to people's mental and physical well-being.

Pierpalo and Massimo, two boys from Milan are stuck in a routine of offices, smog, crowded public transport and little free time, they decided to break the pattern: they decided to escape to the countryside!

After months of research, they found their ideal home: Podere Cafasso in Capaccio Paestum, at the gates of Cilento. A large ruin from the 1950s, with agricultural land, amidst the cultivation of maize and the houses of the village.

Incredible charm, love at first sight!

We leave the word to Pierpaolo to tell us about their love at first sight and this story of courage.

From Milan to Capaccio Paestum, a nice change! How do you imagine your future life and what prompted you to make this decision?

It was a decision that was not in our plans at all.

Max still lives in Milan, I (Paolo) lived there for many years, and we thought that only the city could offer a working future in such a precarious historical period. We are used to thinking that services, offices, nightlife can be found only in big cities, and above all that they are eternal needs. Instead we realized that the game was no longer worth the candle, that the city is fantastic but also very stressful, and that the needs of the soul, the need to be in contact with nature and have a slower pace, were overcoming all the rest.

Our goal is to totally change our lives. Dedicate ourselves to nature, to welcoming people who want to escape from the city for a small period, and offer them an experience of life in the countryside.

How did you find Podere Cafasso and how did love strike?

I was born in Paestum and have always loved my land. Max, however, by accident, arrived here for work and discovered this incredible village, between sea and mountains, full of vegetation. His love was born especially when he discovered the archaeological site, with its temples and Greco-Roman walls, and that's how he started thinking about a possible property to buy right here.

So we started looking for a ruin, and we found it right in one of the country villages where my mother spent her childhood, and which keeps many memories of my family. We visited this abandoned estate for years and understood that it was the ideal place to start from scratch.

How did Covid-19 interfere with the progress of the works?

Before thinking about that specific estate, we obviously made two accounts, because it included a shed to be demolished, while the main farmhouse, the historic one, has to be completely restored, so everything would have required a very important expense. For this reason we first sought out investors interested in our project, and we found them.

We were overjoyed and ready to go. Unfortunately, just one month after the purchase, Covid-19 arrived, which scared the markets and paused many investments, especially in the tourism sector, which is the sector most affected.

Our investors therefore advised us that at the moment it would not have been possible to proceed with the restoration works, and Max and I were left with this beautiful estate but no longer knowing how to restore it to its former glory.

Yet we did not lose heart, and during the quarantine period the two of us worked only on the environmental projects that we had planned for the estate, using the last remaining economic resources.

Why the choice of crowdfunding for a project like Podere Cafasso? How the community can become part of your dream?

The choice of crowdfunding was one of the options designed to deal with the problems that arose with the Covid-19.

It would be fantastic if it could become the solution for these difficulties, but for now we hope that it will help us at least to start the work, while waiting for the general situation to return to normal.

We are very lucky, in recent years we have approached a small and strong community of people who follow us and live with us the difficulties of our times, perhaps the need to change lives and not find the courage.

These people are supporting us very much, and we thank them for the help they are giving us.

We would also like to bring together all the people who feel they have the same dream, people who love the environment, animals, excursions, the traditions of the past, and a life on a human scale.

We would like to involve and repay this community by building Podere Cafasso together, for a place that can accommodate those who want to come and visit us, visit Cilento, spend a few days immersing themselves in our gardening and agriculture activities.

We dream that our guests can relax in the garden and watch the stars lying on a towel, or collect the figs with us, or even learn to sow or to multiply the plants that love. That's what we want.

Yours is a courageous undertaking that we value very much. Do you want to shout an incitement to everyone who has a dream in their drawer?

Life is too short not to give yourself the opportunity to be authentically happy, or to pursue your passions or inclinations.

Society, our parents, the media, push us towards rational choices and often make us forget that we are not only a salary, a role, a routine, but we are also and above all made of emotions, and they are the ones that give us fuel to move forward, to feel satisfied and proud of ourselves.

So sometimes the best choices for well-being are also the most difficult, or complicated, or hindered, but they are also the ones that repay our efforts.

We never stop asking ourselves what we really want from ourselves, from our future, from the children we were and who already had dreams in the drawer.

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