When Arts cut the distances

Art to close the distance is the new project post lockdown about inclusion and rebirth by the Milanese Gallery Bianchi and Zardin

23 Jun 2020

Bianchi Zardin: the Milanese contemporary art gallery that starts with the heart

The COVID-19 emergency has profoundly changed the world of art too. Gaia and Andrea, owners and co-founders of the Bianchi Zardin Gallery, wondered how to restart this sector with a breath of freshness and innovation, also involving the local community with which they are very close. Rethinking together for an accessible art, able to make a difference! today it is possible, because culture can also shorten distances!

How did the meeting between you and Gaia and the decision to open an art gallery come about?

Gaia replies:

We met for the first time last September and immediately we both understood that our paths were meeting at the best time. I was back from a long foreign experience during which I specialized in the educational sector which I believe is fundamental to bring art to life and to make the exhibition spaces dynamic and in constant communication with the public. He is interested in supporting and discovering young artists in Italy and abroad with whom to grow and share research projects. The different professional paths come together to give life to "our idea" of a gallery: a space where you can experience art through meetings with artists, curators, collectors and enthusiasts. A place where it is possible to talk about art and exchange opinions and visions, a place that lives art by sharing all its facets because a work of art can be seen superficially as a beautiful object to buy but for us it is a inspiration, an idea, a need that the artist wants to share with the rest of the world and our gallery will be the tool through which our artists will be able to "convey" their creativity.

How do you perceive the world of contemporary art today and what makes your mission special?

We see the gallery as a place of research, exchange and cultural growth: a space used for meeting, where different ways of thinking and different cultural baggages lead to a wider

knowledge. With this in mind, the gallery must take on the task of entering into the depth of the topics it decides to address and then training the public that gravitates around them.

Hence the need to educate in art and collecting: today more and more frequently works of art are purchased for the sole investment, following indicators different from the artistic and cultural value of the purchased work and this in many cases leads the collector to buy passing meteors.

It is therefore necessary to make places of exchange and growth available to the city where we can train and where we can train not only those who already collect but also those who decide to approach art and collecting for the first time.

Due to the health emergency, our sector had to completely change the way we operate, favoring technology at the expense of human contact. We have thought of a compromise and through the production of videos that tell our ideas, activities and projects with the artists, we try to keep in touch with our audience.

For an emerging artist, but often not only, entering the exhibition circuit is very difficult, what advice would you like to give to those who are about to try to enter this panorama?

We don't invent artists! Constant discipline and a production that testifies to the achievement of a certain artistic maturity is necessary.

An important tool is the portfolio through which the gallery owner will be able to understand the artist's style and ability. Always be up to date and attend fairs and exhibitions.

Choose a gallery that meets the curatorial path most suitable for the artist in order to best represent its work.

The Covid has changed the way to enjoy art and cultural products, your campaign is an example to start again, how did the idea of ​​a campaign come about and why is it important to support it?

The idea was born from the desire to support the work of our artists who at the moment cannot promote themselves through institutional channels such as exhibitions and fairs and at the same time continue to have a territorial impact by helping the S. Antonio Listening Center which offers food. and services to the most needy. At the same time, we also thought of making art more accessible through the format of multiples. With a reasonable price it is possible to collect a numbered and signed contemporary work.

Do you want to greet us with your personal reflection?

We believe that contemporary art should be shared and lived with those who produce it. Our idea of a gallery provides for a continuous exchange between artists, collectors, curators and simple enthusiasts.

One of the rewards is the meeting in the gallery with the artist.

 Through the story of his creative process and the emotions that aroused him, the work of art comes to life and enters the public's memory.

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