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04 Jun 2020

Bees are extraordinary animals that have existed for 4 million years.

Not everyone knows that bees are a fundamental element of our ecosystem: by pollinating flowers they allow the birth of fruits.

Today bees are highly endangered due to climate change and the enormous impact of man on the environment.

Starting from the awareness of the moment we are living, Bee2Bee thus comes to life, a movement that aims to protect bees and those who have always taken care of them: beekeepers.

How? Let us have it explained by Francesca, one of the people behind the Bee2Bee project.

Where does your project come from?

Edmondo has a real passion for bees and honey.

Since he was a child he treated the bees that his grandfather had in the countryside in Val d'Ossola, and at that time, precisely because he protected himself only with a fishnet hat, he learned to approach the bees without fear.

It must be said immediately that the bees, unlike the wasps and hornets, only sting they feel threatened and therefore if you are approached by a bee you don't have to get excited.
I, Francesca, was immediately enthusiastic about the project! I am a copywriter and I deal with digital strategies to help my clients talk online. I immediately took the opportunity to decline my marketing skills in a nonprofit environmental protection project such as Bee2Bee.

And then we know each other well with Edmondo, we are more than colleagues and friends: let's say ... Bee-Partners!
In fact, we have always activated collaborations with the common goal of environmental sustainability: any of our activities is always attentive to nature.

​Bees are going through a difficult historical moment, but humans have not been doing well lately. Has the freezing of activities due to Covid-19 improved the living conditions of the bees?​

The blocking of movements created a big problem for those who had to move to look after their winged friends.

Bees are domestic insects that need to be treated and cannot be abandoned. Bees have been friends of man and man for centuries.

Raising our message, with we always want to remember how much the human impact is crucial for the health of all living beings. Pesticides, intensive breeding, chemistry and "strange operations" sometimes make Nature jump.

 Man is so proud that he does not hear his voice and notices his Action only when catastrophes and - as in this case - pandemics occur.

At this point it is easy to remember which place we must return to occupy: but at that point it is late.

In recent months we have seen images of the clean canals of Venice, dolphins returning wild to our ports and animals that, in the absence of human disturbances, recover their spaces. But that's not enough.

Because even these months of "breath" that we have granted to nature by stopping our hyper productions have not been enough to protect biodiversity, nor have they purified our seas as if by magic from plastic pollution.

Rather! Incorrect disposal of safety devices - masks and gloves - poses a new threat to the environment!

Unfortunately, most of the communication that takes place around environmental emergencies, among which the protection of bees certainly occupies a place on the podium, has become rhetoric and negative. It seems that safeguarding the environment and nature is the opposite of work and economic development.

With Bee2Bee we want to demonstrate, however, that where there is work and there is also Nature, in an essential link for economic development supported by real progress.

This is why we at Bee2Bee want to overcome the "message / sense of guilt" of certain progress advertisements: we are convinced that to raise awareness and bring users to take concrete action and change their habits (for the better!) It is necessary to propose small actions positive, such as planting flowers and buying natural products from small and medium-sized producers, thinking in an innovative and collaborative way.

Yours is a national network: who are the people who are part of it?

Looking at the website, we immediately see that we turn to three types of people: people who can host the hives, people who can
take care of hives and people who can finance the world of hives.

Beekeepers often suffer great economic damage from theft, sabotage, vandalism and other more or less natural types of calamities.

The Bee2Bee network aims to be a prevention and cure rescue network for all beekeepers.

In fact, we personally see the enthusiasm of the small owners who see their land, meadow and forest come to life by hosting the small winged friends: and who would not want Queens as neighbors?
In the same way we see the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs who make available the roof of the shed, who of the land owned to create Corporate Honey.

The business message becomes very strong: it is no longer time to make plastic business gifts that end up in landfills in a short time.

Company life must create value and return value.

Bee2Bee, by encouraging the gift of honey, wants to bring all the allegorical message that it represents by bringing together the bond of business value and the value of nature.

The metaphor of work as sweet as honey is the vision of work that we see in the future of humanity.

How "sweet" are the rewards you thought of for supporters?

Excellent question.

Our rewards are sweet ... like honey, of course!

We have thought of rewards for all budgets: from those of individual users to those, a little wider, of the companies that want to participate.
How many companies declare in their Charter of Values that they have particular attention to environmental sustainability?

How many really do something concrete? Bee2Bee gives them the opportunity to take the first real step!

With the 1000 euro donation, for example, you can transform the corporate gifts that are made to customers and suppliers into precious and delicious honey, 30 kg in branded and personalized jars that will help the company to leave a sweet memory of itself.

And not only!

The company will be followed by a professional Bee2Bee videomaker who will take care of making a complete video reportage when the jars are delivered: it is a tangible testimony that companies will be able to use online to concretely demonstrate their closeness to the theme and to distinguish themselves from who just declares it.

In addition to feeding the body, Bee2Bee wants to feed the mind by involving people's responsibility.

With 5 euros you make a gesture for yourself by receiving your honey envelope; with 20 euros you get 5 honey envelopes to share with your friends becoming a certified Great Sower.

And then there are all the other rewards of crowdfunding even in the small gesture of seeing a seed sprout you can give a great message.

What are the advantages that you have found in crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding brings in six wonderful concepts for our cultural message.

In fact, first of all we want to be a cultural message, because only with a cultural change can there be a real natural innovation.

With this operation we are more interested in involving as many people as possible than raising as much funds as possible.

In fact, if it is true that with more funds we could do many more things, organize more courses or buy more honey to beekeepers, or distribute more seeds to have many flowers, it is also true that we would prefer to collect 10,000 euros from 2000 people than 20,000 euros from twenty individual benefactors.

We want a hive of people who love Nature like us.

In a hive there are up to 80,000 bees, in a wasp nest there are a maximum of 30 insects .... the message is clear to us.

We have carefully evaluated and Eppela is the platform that can best communicate our message: extraordinarily effective and intuitive. Exactly what we were looking for to help our beekeeper network and our users.

Despite the tight deadlines, we were followed from the first day and we managed to go online for May 20, 2020, the second world bee day.

Today we are working online and offline to bring more and more users to the platform using our mailing list, WhatsApp, Telegram,
Facebook, Instagram and of course the network business par excellence LinkedIn.

The biggest advantage of having a crowdfunding campaign is that of having a meta-message to communicate to all our contacts.

For Bee2Bee, union is strength and with Eppela we feel stronger.

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