100 artists for the Civil Protection Department

A charity artistic project to help the health sector hit hard by the Covid-19 epidemic

20 May 2020

Mattia, Paola, Francesca, Sara, Michele, Samantha and Elena, a group of girls and boys from all over the country, united under the name of Collettivo Fine.
From them the idea of creating a magazine, Fine Zine, to bring into play their creativity at the service of Italian healthcare which today finds itself fighting the battle against Covid-19 on the front lines.
An artistic project for a unique editorial product, conceived by 7 guys but who has been married and sees as many as 100 artists as protagonists: photographers, painters, illustrators, sculptors.
The sale of the magazine will take place right here, on Eppela, through a crowdfunding campaign studied down to the smallest detail. The proceeds will be entirely donated to the Department of Civil Protection, so that it can be used for the purchase of medical material for operators and for medical equipment for the care of patients suffering from Covid-19.
But let the creators tell us about it….

How did the idea of ​​Fine Zine come about?

Fine Zine was born in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency from the desire of seven girls and boys to get involved, to help and demonstrate that creativity does not stop, on the contrary, it can help.

The idea takes shape in the first days of lockdown. We felt the need to contribute, in addition to staying at home, to an emergency that was bringing public health to its knees.

What is Fine Zine and what does it want to convey?

Fine was born from the need to help, from the idea and the desire to make a concrete contribution to the sector most affected, the health sector, using crowdfunding. Fine is an artistic project for charitable purposes, born from the idea that art can offer its contribution.
Fine is a magazine that brings to its users / donors a wish that projects positivity, a hope for a brighter future.

What makes the project special?

The uniqueness of the project lies in its ability to bring people together.
In fact, Fine was born from the belief that art can create a connection between people physically distant from each other. Initially the project originated from a small group of boys and girls, to then expand and include new members in its team, and succeeding through the "Call for Artists" to move and involve just over 100 artists.

How did you manage to involve so many artists?

We believe that the involvement of so many artists is a wonderful consequence of our call for participation, which has given artists a wide freedom.

In fact, we are committed to breaking down many of the limits that usually characterize participation notices, opting for a free and unconstrained participation. So no age restrictions, no specific issues to refer to, but on the contrary a total openness towards any form of art.
We also believe that involvement also derives from having dedicated a small space on our social pages to each artistic work received, giving importance and relevance to each participating artist, to each person who wanted to contribute to the growth of this project.

Would you like to talk about some of the artists participating in the project?

The artists who have joined are truly many, many more than we expected, offering artistic expressions that range from photography to painting, from sculpture to collage and many other disciplines.
In the first edition of Fine, 25 artists were selected, including Marcello Galvani, a well-known photographer in contemporary photography with an intimate personal vision of his surroundings.
Fine will also try to raise awareness of violence against women, a theme that in these days of lockdown has seen a dramatic escalation of cases, with the young artist Martina Taddeucci.
The feelings and perceptions of these dark days are also addressed, expressed by the artists Martina Roberts and Salgaja in personal illustration works.
We are very happy and proud of all 100 participating artists and we would like to talk about all of them, one by one, but we don't want to spoil. We want you all to know them directly from their works.

What is the future of the End?

Fine Zine does not intend to stop!
There is always need for help and Fine wants to continue helping.
If the first outing with the first 25 artists will go to support the purchase of medical material through the Department of Civil Protection, the next outings with the other artists will focus on a specific hospital, which will need help, and subsequently support a prestigious Italian business Group which has promoted to the Department of activating a collection funds for the families of the deceased health workers, in carrying out its activities, due to the Coronavirus.

Would you like to appeal to the community?

Fine Zine lives thanks to the support of people and artists. By donating to Fine, you contribute to the purchase of medical material and equipment by the Department of Civil Protection. In addition to helping health, you will receive the reward you choose, between posters and the first edition of Fine, thus discovering emerging and established artists from all over Italy directly from your home.

Let's help those who help us!

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