A gym to restart

Beyond Covid-19, sport to start again: discover Riot Academy!

12 May 2020

Riot Academy

Riot Academy is a gym, but not a simple gym.

For the guys who helped create this space, Riot is much more than a place to go to do activity, keep fit and play sports: for them it is an idea of sport and fitness that wants to break the patterns and be unique.

Covid-19 has stopped the activities of the Riot boys, but not their passion for sport.

But let's leave the word to the protagonists...

1) Riot Academy: where does your name come from?

Riot in English means insurrection, rising. This is our way of understanding sport: revolutionary compared to the concept that is often proposed. 

The motivation and necessity that push our athletes to get closer to us are the most disparate, there are those who practice sports to stay fit, those who want to practice it at a competitive level and those who do it to have fun. But we can say that mainly, we do not like the concept of fitness well to get a good body, but we try to promote the social side of sport, both through the creation of a strong and cohesive group and through the realization of events and activities that go beyond the daily life of a gym and accident on the whole community. 

Values such as respect, friendship, environmental sustainability and solidarity are fundamental for carrying out our project.

2) Sport is your life: where does this passion come from?

The group that manages Riot is quite colorful, and has two sports instructors, a sports doctor, a sports journalist and an entrepreneur.
All therefore tied in a different way to this world, and all the people who assiduously practice different sports both to keep fit physically and mentally, but also for the extraordinary aggregating power that these activities have. 

Sport, in addition to this, reflects many values in which we firmly believe: friendship, mutual support, respect for yourself and your opponents, but also the desire to grow and improve.

3) In this time of quarantine, how did you keep your athletes' spirit high?

It was certainly not easy.

Fortunately we have a close-knit group that has included the situation, but is elbowing many to return to sweat in the gym.

We have constantly kept in touch, through our instructors, via whatsapp and telegram to talk about sports and any other topic, with the idea that it is necessary to maintain a strong and cohesive group.

We have used our social profiles to inform on the evolution of the situation and to keep spirit always high, an alternative to practice from home and even play down when possible.

A few examples? Our Yoga and Pilates teacher conducted the lessons by videoconference and opened a blog, the Brazilian group Jiu Jitsu exchanged information on videos of important meetings and reference films on our martial art, and our Calisthenics instructor rediscovered the his streak of videomakers to rate a series of funny and captivating videos.

In short, we got by.

4) Covid-19 has put everyone in great difficulty. What do you need to leave?

First of all, a lot of enthusiasm and desire not to give up.

We have caressed the idea of this structure that allows us to carry on sport in our own way and we have worked hard, we have invested time and resources, and now it would be assured to give up.

Another thing that we believe is fundamental for a gym like ours, is trust: trusting others and believing that everyone does their best and respects all possible measures to protect others and avoid new infections, without falling into mere psychosis.

Surely you also need a great support from the institutions, to have the necessary tools a safe distribution and without distorting our philosophy. 

Our athletes have already provided us with great support from all points of view, they are really fantastic. Now we also hope in the support of all those who believe in the value of sport and who want to help a recently established small company with a heart as big as ours!

5) Would you recommend someone to do a crowdfunding campaign?

Absolutely yes. 

We consider it a totally positive experience, regardless of what the final result will be, which is already good for now. 

We have already had the opportunity to discuss with some friends who are looking forward to different activities and projects that are evaluating and will probably launch campaigns in the near future.

Thank you so much for your support and the visibility offered also thanks to this interview! Maybe we'll meet again in Cagliari together in our gym : )

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