When a Festival takes the field

The Arti Vive community, one of the most beautiful festivals in Emilia Romagna, for families in the municipality of Soliera

07 May 2020

Soliera is a small town in the heart of Emilia Romagna.

A little over 15,000 inhabitants live in Soliera but, every summer, tens of thousands of people from all over Italy reach the small town driven by the same motif, the Festival Arti Vive: an event of music, theater and performance that for fourteen years has hosted established international artists and new and stimulating musical and theatrical proposals.

Arti Vive is, without any doubt, one of the most important cultural events of the summer in Emilia Romagna.

Unfortunately, Arti Vive won't be there this summer.

Due to the Coronavirus, the event has been canceled. But what cannot be is the energy and desire of the organizers to take the field, even this year, for their city. Although in a different way ...

In the emergency of the last few months, the families of Soliera who have applied for financial support have dramatically increased. The Municipality of Soliera has set up an emergency fund to provide for health, food and emergency needs for people in greatest difficulty.

Arti Vive shouts to its community: a crowdfunding campaignwhose proceeds will be entirely allocated to the emergency fund. From Soliera, passing through Italy, through Soliera.

Let's talk about this initiative with the organizers of the Festival...

Tell us about Arti Vive: what makes the Festival so special for the area (and beyond)?

Arti Vive Festival is a special, unique moment for us every year. A wonderful world apart in which for four or five days the artists, the public and the whole community come together in a single happy utopian reality made of music, theater, sharing, hugs.

The festival hosts important foreign artists every year and this motivates a remarkable cultural incoming towards Soliera (MO). The real strength of the festival, however, is the spirit that animates it: in fact there are many young volunteers and associations in the area who engage in different ways in the days of the festival and in the previous weeks, in programming, setting up and managing services for the public, and this makes it a party felt and participated by the whole city.

To date, however, following the continuing health emergency, Arti Vive Festival 2020 will not be there. A painful decision that pushed us to commit ourselves immediately, spending our best energies, in a project for our community, Soliera, the cradle of Arti Vive.

Three excellent Italian illustrators have mobilized for this campaign. Can you tell us about the rewards you have provided for supporters?

To launch this campaign, we involved three artists who had collaborated in various ways with Arti Vive. Marino Neri, Michele Bernardi and Giuseppe Bertozzi. Three extraordinary illustrators who immediately grasped the urgency of this initiative. Each of them has created an unpublished work that at the end of the campaign will be printed in a limited edition, numbered and signed serigraphy.

Their works and the brand new t-shirts of Arti Vive (with one of the three illustrations) are the rewards of this campaign which will also be enhanced by a particular production. In fact, we also involved the guys from a small shop, Medulla di Modena, because they specialize in
silk-screen printing with colors obtained from the mixture of natural pigments.

It will therefore be up to them, taking care of production, to give further added value to the works and t-shirts.

The Coronavirus emergency is straining our country. How will the funds raised be managed by the emergency fund of the Municipality of Soliera?

The proceeds will go to the emergency fund established by the Municipality of Soliera in support of the many families economically most affected by the Covid-19 emergency, who suddenly found themselves without an income due to the stoppage of the activities.

The Administration has in fact organized, from the beginning of the emergency, a series of services for the approximately 300 families of the city who have applied to benefit from solidarity initiatives, ranging from food distribution with home delivery to support for expenses health and basic necessities.

Would you like to appeal to the community?

For this reason we also want to give our small but important contribution to the community in which Arti Vive was born and raised. To do this we appeal to all our public, to help us with this campaign to support the families of our city, that same Soliera that every year helps us to welcome, in the best way, all of you who come in thousands from all over Italy.

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