Music doen't goes in Quarantine

In this forced quarantine, Walzer gave us a surprise: his first unreleased album, let's find out together.

29 Apr 2020

How did the idea of ​​introducing yourself to an Iranian Talent come about and what was your purpose?

Well, I must say that there was not much premeditation, it was all the result of chance and unconsciousness.

Making a quick summary: When the CelestinoCamicia video on YouTube came out in 2008, with the Italianization of the song Pariyah by Shaharam Shabpareh transformed into Esce Ma Non Mi Rosica, and a friend pointed it out to me, I went out of my mind.

It made me laugh a lot and it had become a cult within my company, we always mentioned it.

So, being a musician, I wondered out of curiosity what the chords were, I pulled them down by ear and learned it. So I was the first ever to do a live cover of it, ten years ago.

Since then, I have performed the Italianized song sporadically on some occasions as "curiosity" or to impress someone who knew it, until four years ago I finished at the wedding of a dear friend of mine, who married a girl Iranian.

During the party I unlined the guitar, sang the song and it was a huge success, so much so that a couple of guests then asked me to play at their wedding the following year, where I played this song no less than six times.

Last summer my friend's Iranian wife telephoned me to notify me that she ended up producing this TV show, Persia's Got Talent, and is recruiting people to participate, and remembering the success of my performance on her wedding day. he asked if I wanted to take part in the program, basically repeating the same performance of four years before, with the Kazoo and the tambourine.

Initially I was a little reluctant and fearful, then I thought I had nothing to lose and so I participated in the Italian selections of the program, in Bologna. There too, the commission had a lot of fun and so I was invited to participate in the broadcast, recorded in Stockholm.

When I arrived in Sweden I was perfectly aware that I had no chance in the TV contest, not being Iranian and not knowing what to do, but I already thought that this crazy thing that I had accepted to do for fun could have a small box of resonance in Italy, where the cult of Ascanio, despite the past 12 years, is still quite strong.

Of course, however, I couldn't think that the success of this thing in our country could have been so rampant.

Did you imagine that this experience would give you so much popularity on the web and what has changed since then?

As said above, absolutely not. And the most incredible thing is that I practically have not moved a finger: The news of "The Italian who goes to Iran and sings Let Ascanio Enter" has spread on the Internet already half an hour after the airing, on Iranian channel MBC Persia, of the episode in which I sang the song. Already the next day he had hundreds of views, then thousands.

My FaceBook and InstaGram channels were clogged with comments and requests for friendship and follow, the webzines were looking for me for interviews, and in the days that followed, people stopped me on the street, La Repubblica wrote about me, on Radio DeeJay they talked about my business and Vice asked me to make stories for them.

I was not ready for all this popularity and the pressures related to it, I never had a great relationship with social networks and certainly I could not afford a social meda manager, so I think I may have exploited the "momentum" not to the maximum, despite the good idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Eppela was born in that period, riding the wave of fame.

Then came the offer of RaiDue to participate in an episode of Quelli Che ... Il Calcio, which in my expectations would have been the pinnacle of my moment of glory, if it were only my participation, for bureaucratic reasons, would have been postponed for several weeks, and that the episode that would have seen me as a guest would then have aired on March 8, or the day of the beginning of the period of self-isolation, of the COVID-19 pandemic on a national scale and all things and serious problems related to it.

In short, this virus has affected the lives of all of us, and in my case has undoubtedly dampened the scope of my popularity.

But I have to say that a few dozen fans earned thanks to my participation in the Persian talent remained faithful to me even after the cybernetic hype died down.

You have been playing for over 10 years, but only today have you decided to release your first unreleased album, what triggered the spring and what should we expect from this album?

Actually I have been playing for 18 years, between a band and the other, but as a soloist, I will be celebrating 10 years of activity right from May, from my first solo concert (Where, however, I played Esce Ma Non Mi Rosica the first time ).

The fact is that throughout my musical life I have mainly sung covers, when I wasn't playing with original music projects where the material was mostly composed by others (Although some co-composition over the years I have recorded and played live ).

The impulse to start playing, in 2002, came to me precisely because I wanted to play their songs, and in general the songs that I like.

The fact is that two elements have always slowed me down a bit: one, the main one, is laziness. It is really difficult for me to complete something that I start, especially in a complex process like writing music. And here comes the second factor: A probably excessive self-criticism, given by an equally excessive ambition. In short, my quality standards are very high.

Over the years, I have found myself having dozens of ideas and bad records ..

In the meantime, a lot of friends and colleagues asked me why I didn't write songs, which was normal for some of them.

Among these friends, the first ever to invite me to make a record of mine was Dudu of Selton (The Brazilian band transplanted to Milan, great friends) after a concert in which I had sung with them five years ago.

And after him, in the four years to come, where in the meantime I settled in Milan from the province, many, many other colleagues, who evidently saw talent in me, encouraged me to do "my own things", to launch myself, to to write, to record.

Many of them said they were also available and happy to play on my record, when I would have done it.

The latest, in order of time, to come forward, were, a year ago now, Lino Gitto and Roberto Dell'Era (Two thirds of The Winstons, brilliant prog rock trio), who one evening hunted me trying to convince me making a record, and proposing to produce it and play on it. They obviously believe in me a lot.

They invited me to send him demos, specimens, as well as other people before them. Except that, if before I dropped the request into oblivion by not sending anything, out of embarrassment, this time I thought, also for the skill and feeling with the two people involved (with whom I played many times), that it would have been worth it. But I was still a little terrified of the idea of "exposing" the things I had been working on secretly over the years, especially given their incompleteness.

In the end I made up for Lino only in December, sending him a selection of ten tracks: Many of these were still incomplete.

In the end we said that we would talk about it with the new year, and then, in fact, everything happened: the Persian talent, the pandemic and so on ...

But, precisely, the success on the web has allowed me to have the idea of launching the crowdfunding above, and in the end to expose myself more about the idea of MAKING a record. And I must say that I am now convincing myself of the thing, and during these quarantine days I really started working on the songs again.

What to expect from the record I don't know yet, in my intentions and in my dreams it should be a classic rock album, very detailed and arranged and played and recorded "old-fashioned", something that sounds from the 60s and 70s, like the things I like, the same things that made me start playing 18 years ago.

In your campaign, a link with different states, cultures and languages ​​emerges, can you tell us what this mix is ​​given and what is your relationship with foreign music?

Well, I was already born a citizen of the world: My father is Italian, from Salento, and my Spanish mother, from the Canary Islands, and they met in Switzerland speaking in German.

I grew up in a bilingual environment and from a very young age I was in contact with a completely different world from Italy, precisely the quasi-tropical Canaries we often visited but also the cold and Teutonic Switzerland, where we had and still have relatives and where we were from home.

I got so used to moving between different cultures and speaking different languages from a very young age.

Perhaps this is also why I have had great ease with English since I was an infant, a language I have spoken since I was 6 years old and to which I am very fond today, perhaps even more than my mother tongues (Or mother tongues?).

Over the years then, especially because of my listening to music, I have developed a real fascination for the United Kingdom and all that is "brit", so obviously I have perfected my English more and more simply by learning songs and listening to voices continuously of my darlings, on stage or in interviews, and reading many books and webzines in English.

Life then put me in contact with people from various parts of the world, as it happens to everyone: Apart from my Swiss relatives, in elementary school a teacher of mine was French, in high school I had an Iranian classmate (And maybe really here my relationship with Iran starts ...), in Tuscany I met many Americans, English, Germans, Argentines and so on, and then I met and became friends with the Seltons, who in turn introduced me to many other Brazilian people.

In general, in the last three years I have started to perform abroad with real concerts, although in reality I had already performed in London, but only as a busker.

Through friends who were studying there, I ended up in Munich, Germany, where I had three concerts, which then led me to perform with my historical band, Mike Pastori & His New Dodos, at a wedding in Freiburg.

Then I also played in Vienna, Austria, and still recently in Luxembourg. And of course also in San Marino, which is in any case abroad.

In short, I went around a bit and I like to keep an international footprint in what I do.

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