Marche against Covid-19.

Fight against Coronavirus: a class of students to support doctors, nurses and volunteers from Marche!

20 Apr 2020


The "HEROES IN THE FRONT LINE" project was born from a group of young people, students of the Business Angels & Crowdfunding University Course, directed by their "teacher", Filippo Cossetti (professional fundraiser).

The goal of the project is to move from theory to practice in an extremely delicate moment like the one we are experiencing because of Covid-19.

The campaign aims to collect resources to be allocated to four realities in the Marche region in full swing during this emergency: CRI, ANPAS, Order of DOCTORS and NURSES.

But let's give the floor to the protagonists of this project...

Yours is a project that includes numerous subjects. Whose idea was it to start with this crowdfunding campaign?

Simone: in our case it is a bit like saying if it was born before the egg or the chicken, since it was a unanimous feeling, born from the desire to get involved, putting into practice what was studied through a solidarity act, which has even more value for our Healthcare Professionals, emphasizing even more the main concept of Crowd + Financing (crowd + financing).

Tecla: the idea was born from the desire to move from theory to practice. All students are engaged in a unique project, supported by Doctors, Nurses, Volunteers, Marche Red Cross, who face the battle against coronavirus every day.

Paola: the idea of starting the campaign was the answer to a collective need: to do something useful for those who are at the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus; doing it through crowdfunding was even more stimulating.

Roberta: she was born by chance, while in the classroom (now virtual) comments were made about the events that were constantly worsening and our every lesson. It was the most redundant question: "But how can you go about following the infections?" and the answer grows in the classroom with the response that communicates to the weapon to deal with the virus were doctors, nurses and volunteers.

From that precise moment, the step of deciding to help them has been short!

Behind this campaign there is a class of students passionate about crowdfunding: what was it like moving from theory to practice?

Simone: two conflicting feelings alternated, the intrepid and agitating desire of wanting to do with the fear and fear of making a mistake, which intensified as it approached the starting whistle.

Tecla: the transition was direct, very active, every day, coordinated by the support of Prof. F. Cossetti, united by a common feeling, to start this crowdfunding campaign.

Paola: it was, and is, an important and stimulating experience. On the one hand there is inexperience, for many of us it is the first campaign, on the other the urgency to respond to a need. This mixture of feelings has certainly led to a very responsible approach.

Roberta: it was undoubtedly stimulating! And when does it come back to you in life to immediately implement something just studied?

A real challenge against time, we had to do well and immediately what we learned, there was no room to correct mistakes, the campaign had to come out quickly! The sooner you do, the sooner you collect, the faster you contribute, and the sooner our Heroes get the material they need to fight the Coronavirus!

The winning thing was certainly the guide of Prof. Cossetti who immediately told us what and how to do it and the results were seen as soon as the campaign was launched.

The project is located in the Marche region, a region hard hit by Covid-19. Do you think that the territory has responded positively to the call of crowdfunding?

Simone: the territory is responding well, also seeing the past similar campaigns. What I often say is that no big investments are needed - even if they are welcome and also fundamental - but even the minimum investment would be enough, which multiplied by the million and a half of Marche would have ended the campaign before starting it! ;o)

"Solidarity is not giving, but acting against injustice," said Abbè Pierre, like the one to which those who suffer Coronavirus are subjected.

Tecla: the territory is responding positively to this "crowdfunding" campaign which has reached more than half of the target in a few days. ... I think solidarity is a means of winning the battle against the coronavirus, helping those on the front lines.

Paola: Marche are a land of solidarity, not very prone to exteriority and very concrete: in my opinion there is a good adhesion to the project also because the recipients of the collection, beyond the acronyms that represent them, are women and men who they live everyday life, well-known professionals, valued volunteers.

In a very broad range of solidarity offerings, which also characterize the regional level, the excellent results achieved from the outset are testimony to the positive response to our crowdfunding project.

Roberta: of course he answered well! I honestly had no doubts about it.

The Marches are tough and supportive people who do not stop in front of earthquakes, nor in front of the snows and let alone if they stop in front of the Coronavirus.

Ours are concrete people, people who work hard and who at the same time know how to enjoy the beautiful and good that our region offers.

Give it a target and they will achieve it!

How will the funds raised be used by the beneficiaries?

Tecla: the funds raised will be used by the beneficiaries to deal with the coronavirus emergency as indicated in the project.

Paola: the funds raised will be in the full availability of the beneficiaries. In the preparation phase of the project, the need shared by all was that of safety devices (masks, gloves, gowns); considering the dynamism of the need, if the priorities are changed, the doctors, the nurses, the volunteers, will make the most suitable choices to invest the resources to better carry out their precious work.

Roberta: the funds will be used by the beneficiary associations for the purchase of masks, gloves, overalls and all the medical devices they will need to face the emergency. We think about raising funds and our HEROES will find the best way to spend them, obviously everything will be reported in detail and available on the site. We all, including beneficiaries, are committed to maximum transparency.

Filippo (prof.): the collection of the structure in successive steps: minimum target € 15,000, then - depending on the speed with which the target is reached - successive steps are envisaged with increasing collection quotas.

We have decided to limit the duration of the campaign to 20 days in order to concentrate efforts, obtain the maximum in the shortest possible time (thanks also to the help of all) and send the funds to their respective realities to give them the opportunity to spend them where more they consider it necessary (masks, gloves, medical devices, obviously everything will be reported in detail).

The overall collection will be equally divided between CRI, ANPAS, Order of DOCTORS and NURSES.

Thank you for your support.

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