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Colto & Mangiato: a cooking masterclass from Puglia to New York!

25 Feb 2020

Colto & Mangiato in New York

Colto & Mangiato is a participatory cooking masterclass born in Puglia, a space in which every participant, trying his hand at the noble art of cooking, rediscovers that eating is a verb that presupposes others, equally important, such as sowing, cultivating, harvesting, preparing , to share.

Toni Augello, Colto & Mangiato project manager, tells us how the idea was born and developed and how this project is ready to land in New York!

Tell us about your project, what is it about?

"Colto & Mangiato" is a participatory cooking masterclass. 

The chef guides the participants in the preparation of the dishes and contextually, also thanks to the presence of other experts, illustrates the importance of seasonal cuisine and the use of local products both to enhance the flavors of our dishes and to protect our health.

Where does your passion for cooking come from?

For an Apulian, as for the vast majority of Italians, cooking is the very symbol of the house. 

The place par excellence of conviviality and sharing, as well as a forge of all sorts of goodness. 

This passion comes from that slice of bread and tomato that shone with extra virgin olive oil. 

Prepared right there by the delicate hands of the mother or by the wrinkled hands of the grandmother, on summer evenings. 

A simple dish, which released the fragrance of oregano into the air and surprised us with its genuine delicacy. 

Over the years we have tried not to lose that wonder.

What makes this project unique?

Getting the "clothes" of the chef to wear to the participants of "Colto & Mangiato" is the first dive into this experience. Then the ritual of "washing your hands" inculcated by our parents, to get them dirty again with eggs, flour, oil. 

The throwing of chef's hats in the air, after the hard work. Finally, the tasting of what is prepared with your own hands. 

Rediscover beauty and goodness in simple things, the table as a meeting place between plant and dish, producers and consumers, between different life stories, but linked by indissoluble daily rituals.

From Puglia to New York: there is a South that works hard and believes in its dreams against all adversities.

"Colto & Mangiato" was born in Tenuta Chianchito from the meeting of two young guys (the project manager Toni Augello and the chef Massimo Andrea Di Maggio) among the many cultural activities of the smallest Urban Laboratory of the Puglia Region. 

It was 2014, in the middle of the Apulian spring, a season in which - among other things - they taught us to value and network what we had, rather than complaining about what was missing. Furthermore, to see gaps as spaces to be filled, opportunities to be seized. 

It is not easy, but you have a duty to try, if you want to exercise the right to stay in that wonderful place that is our home, the South.

Why did you choose crowdfunding to finance your project?

Crowdfunding is much more than fundraising to finance a project.

Crowdfunding is a valuable means of making your idea known, a test to validate it. Choosing to crowdfunding is therefore choosing to challenge each other, to compare oneself with others and to be willing to accept criticisms, which help us to look at things from different perspective angles. In short, crowdfunding is a laboratory where anything can happen, but in any case you get out enriched.

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