Sardines take to the streets!

On the theme of "Giornata della Memoria" the group "6000 Sardine Brescia e Provincia" will take to the streets with a unique and memorable creative flash mob!

24 Jan 2020

1. Sardines are a phenomenon that fills the squares throughout Italy. How was your movement born?

The "6000 Sardine Brescia e Provincia" group was born in November in the wake of the 6000 Sardines gathered in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

As Sardines, we like to define ourselves as a collective social phenomenon, capable of expressing its responsiveness through the streets with respect to a policy that is increasingly lackluster and lacking in content.

2. What are the values you refer to?

Even the Sardines from Brescia intended to draw the attention of the community to issues such as anti-fascism, anti-racism, equality, solidarity, hospitality and a sense of active participation in the social and political life of the country.

Through our presence in the square, on December 7th, we wanted to reaffirm the values of an innovative policy, no longer based on a hostile language, but inclusive and proactive.

A sense of humanity, exchange of words and content without hatred or arrogance must characterize the multicultural agora that the sardines represent.

3. How did the idea of using crowdfunding to support the costs for your flash mob in Brescia come about?

First the idea of the creative flash mob on the theme of "Giornata della memoria" was born, then it was realized that it would have been impossible to achieve it without financial resources. Hence the choice to launch a challenge to ourselves and to all the sardines that follow us.

We are one step away from the finish and this makes us excited and proud. In no time we found that the support is there and confirms our strength.

4. Crowdfunding, participation and politics: a winning mix?

Today to participate in political life (understood in a broad sense) you need resources.

Among these, even the economic ones. Crowdfunding allows you to establish a strong balance between the need to finance your initiatives and the need to convey a political message and encourage the active participation of citizens.

5. Would you recommend to other movements to use crowdfunding to support their activities?


Crowdfunding is an excellent tool for carrying out your own initiatives, by raising funds in a completely transparent and secure way.

Just a few clicks and, not to be underestimated, with Eppela you are guaranteed to be followed step by step by a professional.

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