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Support the Italian Men's Floorball National Team for the World Cup Qualifiers in Slovakia

20 Jan 2020

Floorball: what is it?

Floorball is an indoor version of ice hockey, played in the absence of skates and protections.

This discipline is little known in Italy, despite being practiced in over 74 countries worldwide.

In our country there is a federation, or the FIUF (Italian Unihockey Floorball Federation), which for years has been fighting to represent and make this sport known

With the aim of supporting the Floorball, FIUF has chosen Eppela for the third time as a crowdfunding platform to start a fundraiser.

We therefore asked Jorgen Olshov, Secretary General of the Italian Unihockey Floorball Federation, to tell us more about this sport and the project.

1. Floorball: can you tell us more about this sport?

Floorball is a type of indoor hockey without skates. The material used to practice this sport is very light compared to other similar disciplines.

This aspect promotes more dynamic activity and makes the game very fast.

With the crowdfunding campaign on Eppela we aim to collect the economic resources to allow the Italian Men's Floorball National Team to cover the costs of the World Cup Qualifications in Slovakia, from 30 January to 2 February 2020.

2. How many people practice Floorball in Italy? What prospects are there for this sport in our country?

There are about 1000 registered athletes. Around 5000 people practice Floorball in a non-professional form.

We are trying to spread the discipline through school projects and activities such as this crowdfunding campaign and we always find good success.

3. Your federation is in the third crowdfunding campaign on Eppela: what advantages do you find in crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a nice and interesting formula to involve people and give them the opportunity to support our blues in a concrete way.

Another very important aspect is that of communication: through a crowdfunding campaign we can give visibility to our sport and make it known to people who are unaware of its existence.

4. Crowdfunding and sport, a winning combination based on teaming: would you recommend crowdfunding as a tool for developing sports projects?

Yes: sport is based on passion and by teaming up you can achieve great results through crowdfunding, thanks to the passion of many people.

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