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FOOD LAB: social workshops and cooking classes from the world

07 Jan 2020

Food Lab: a world of cuisine

"Food Lab - Stories of Taste" is a project of the Valdocco Animation Cooperative of Turin which aims to use multi-ethnic cuisine as a tool to create training, meeting and exchange opportunities for the local community and people from from all over the world.

The project was selected by the Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRand included in the "+RISORSE" initiative.

But how does all this come about?

We asked the people behind this project to tell us something more.

Tell us about your project, what is it about?

Food Lab - Stories of Taste is a multi-ethnic kitchen project to create training, meeting and exchange opportunities in the catering sector for people from all over the world, in particular refugees and asylum seekers, beneficiaries of Extraordinary Reception Centers and projects SPRAR. 

But the Food Lab is also a meeting place, an interactive atelier in which activities designed with the aim of enhancing and increasing the knowledge of the participants in the culinary and other fields are born.

Where does your passion for cooking come from?

Our passion for cooking stems from a dual social purpose: our goal is to create many activities to enhance the culinary skills of the participants, while using the kitchens of the world as an element of social inclusion and cultural stimulus.

What makes this project unique?

Ties are born at the Food Lab.

It is much more than a cooking laboratory, it is a project of the Valdocco Animation Cooperative but also a meeting place, a laboratory, an interactive atelier for multi-ethnic training activities in which to enhance and increase the knowledge of the participants through cooking and training courses, cooking shows, cooking classes, multicultural events, activities to encourage the learning of the Italian language and much more.

We are now under Christmas and people gather around the table to share moments together. Is food the element that unites people most in your opinion?

We strongly believe in the kitchen as an element of social inclusion.

Food Lab - Storie di gusto promotes events, multi-cultural aperitifs and social dinners to promote knowledge of the world's cultures, documenting and sharing traditional recipes and habits of different countries through culinary practice.

Why did you choose crowdfunding to finance your project?

Through the Food Lab - Stories of Taste project, we also intend to raise public awareness, institutions and the media on the living conditions of foreign citizens seeking international protection and on their reception.

Crowdfunding, as a collaborative tool capable of mobilizing large and small groups, allows us to promote our activities by involving more people with a single social purpose.

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