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Selins a 100% BIO product cultivated with love

12 Feb 2020

Selins: a good celery!

Love for nature meets good drinking, this is how Selins was born: an Italian startup founded in May 2019 with the desire to get involved with 4 young entrepreneurs.

Federico, Michael, Daniel and Giacomo are the inventors of the innovative company that has put into production an equally new and particular celery-based liquor, also creating a business model with a social objective.

Eh already because Selins is not only good to drink, but it also does good!

But how is all this born ?! We asked the creators of Selins to reveal their secret ingredien

Your Start up is born in the north while the name you have chosen resumes the ancient Sicilian city Selinunte, famous for its wild celery, how was this meeting born?

The meeting was born from a careful historical research, we found a clear answer to the name of our brand by reading the story of Selinunte that valued celery up to print it on its coins. We are particularly proud of it because we can make 100% made in Italy.

Who created Selins' recipe, but above all we want to know how was the first attempt?

The Selins or rather the sedanino, was invented by Lauro, Giacomo's father, one of the Selins partners, who did it at home for his family, with celery picked from his garden.

The first attempts were very interesting because we did some experiments at home and found an explosive formula in the emerald color and taste. Formula that has allowed us to present a unique product of its kind to a master, who from the broad views and experience in this sector has helped us in the industrialization of the product.

Fun, entertainment, good taste, but there is not only this in a cocktail created with Selins, in fact your liqueur is also orthotherapy, can you tell us how this will is born?

We wanted to use our skills and knowledge to be active also in the social field. We found a perfect combination of celery liqueur and celery grown in orthotherapy structures.

Why the choice to launch a crowdfunding campaign and what are the strengths of your campaign?

We decided to launch a campaign at Eppela because we think crowdfunding is a great opportunity to let us know but above all support our business idea that can help other people. With crowdfunding we give people the opportunity to buy a bottle of Selins and consequently help support children with disabilities.

If the bottle is purchased before Christmas, you can taste the Selins at lunch with loved ones. In fact, with each contribution we give a reward in celery liqueur. What are you waiting for buy it too :)

How is the passion for the creation of a liqueur born, can we expect a drink based on other ingredients in the next year?

We are all young, we know the world of cocktails bars, and what we thought lacked was something with natural ingredients and extremely special and new. In the next year there will be new products, always based on celery.

Why is it important to put a bottle of Selins under the tree?

In our opinion it is important because in addition to having a liquor to share with friends and relatives, an entrepreneurial project of 4 young boys is being supported, but above all job opportunities are being created for fragile or disadvantaged people.

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