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Francesco Mancarella and his plan that paints

10 Dec 2019

Music: the art that consists in conceiving and producing structured sequences of simple or complex sounds, which can vary in height, intensity and timbre, by means of the human voice, instruments or the combination of both these sources. (final Dictionary Treccani)

But is it possible to imagine the sound? Give body to what matter does not have?
According to Francesco Mancarella yes.

Born in Lecce, son of art, introduced to music by his musician father, Nando Mancarella, from an early age he gave a note of great musical and artistic talent in the broadest sense of the word.
He is the composer who has managed to combine music and color through his piano painting.

Patented in 2014, this unique instrument is able to combine hearing and sight to take the listener on an almost dreamlike multi-sensory journey.

As if that were not enough, Francesco, in this particular way of using the work, has added an innovative musical research by inserting in his compositions the beatbox, the orchestra and the clarinet.

Reduce of the recent participation in the television program The usual unknown, aired on Rai Uno in the evening of 8/12/2019 and next to the success of his campaign promoted within the PostepayCrowd 2019 initiative, here it is for you to tell us about his new album: Speranza.

Beatbox, clarinet, orchestra, and piano. An unusual mix, how did this idea come about?

I have always tried to give a particular sound to my music. I started in 2014 looking for a beatbox that could accompany the delicate sound of my piano, making it powerful and dynamic. On my journey I met Filippo Scrimieri, one of the best beatboxers in Italy and we immediately started playing together in my concerts. The clarinet instead is the instrument that my brother plays: it has a sweet and soft sound, but he has the ability to make it become a true glue between our art forms. I've always wanted him by my side because I consider him a real talent and I want to share everything with him.

Your music is not only sound, but also visual language through color. How did you make it possible for a piano to paint the notes you play?

The painting piano was born in 2014 to try to give a visual sense to my music (Year in which it was patented). I tried to recreate the principle of synaesthesia. I have been reviewed all over the world thanks to this particular art form and I must say that although there is a period of profound cultural crisis, I can sell my works well and create interest in the user. My cornerstone remains my music, my compositions and therefore my creative power.

It is usually believed that instrumental music does not involve the fan like other genres / sounds. What are the strengths of your campaign and the opportunities you've seen in the tool?

It was a leap in the dark, because seeing the other projects presented by colleagues I realized that I would be the only one to present a project "Without a voice". Despite this I have always believed in my audience and in fact my listeners are reacting very well to crowdfunding. Personally I have never seen the difference between a "Sung" and a non-disco. Music is music in all its forms and I, even without the help of words, speak to my listeners about myself and all those experiences that have brought me here. My piano translates for me the sensations I feel. I really hope to be able to get to the goal.

Soon your next project will be released, what should we expect, some anticipation?

It will be a personal job as always. I'll tell you about the places I've seen and the people I've met over the past 3 years traveling around Italy doing concerts with my music. I will record the album abroad and I really want to create a documentary about this creative journey. I want to show my supporters what is behind a project like this. Francesco Taskayali, the special guest of the album, will surely give a positive contribution to my audience and to all the work because he is a friend, an incredible musician and a great communicator. 

I want to find a great record label that can support the project because there is still a great potential to develop and above all there are so many spectators to involve and to let my music be heard.

Are you planning any live for this 2020 and if so where will we see you perform?

I rarely schedule the concerts, it's something I don't like but I have appointments in 2020 that I want to respect and to which I care: in April I will make a personal art with the new paintings of the piano that I paint while in August I will be in the province of Cuneo together with the same Taskayali to make a concert with two pianos. In the middle I will have so much promotion to do and I will organize a presentation tour in Italy! 

So you can follow all the moves on my social pages and on the websites!

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