When female crafts and entrepreneurship marry

The Lab: a space, a meeting place, a point of reference for all those who want to share creativity.

19 Nov 2019

Sara is a twenty-six-year-old from Milan, for years she has been making accessories using fimo.Online is known as Sara Jewels.

His art is very popular, so much so that three years ago he was able to open a lab, the Lab, which he runs by himself.

The Lab is a dream come true for Sara, an all-female dream that she wants to share with women, mothers, artisans, free professionals for the creation of a creative space, an open place where creativity will be the master.

But let's let Sara tell us about this beautiful story that, thanks to crowdfunding, will come to life!

Tell us about your project Sara, what is it about?

It is a project that aims to enhance the world of craftsmanship and DIY, that of being a reference point for women in the province of Milan, Varese and beyond, also online.

This project wants to focus on creativity and sharing in all its forms.

If you are creative it will have happened to you at least once, to want to experiment a new technique but not to have the tools to do it or to need a teacher to explain the ABC to you.

Here in the "CREATIVE SPACE" you can find this and much more: an environment that stimulates creativity.

Where does this passion of yours come from?

I'm creative since I have memory.As a child I always liked experimenting with various odd jobs and my mother has been fundamental in my journey.

With her I discovered the first creative fairs, I made the first crazy purchases and I learned to sew, I learned the technique of decoupage, to knit and many other things.

I have never been afraid to experiment and it is always by chance that my passion for Fimo was born.I started working this pasta in 2011 by following tutorials on YouTube.I had my first round of "clients" in the classroom and it was a growing journey until I opened VAT and turned a passion into a job.

What makes this project unique?

There are several spaces in which workshops and courses are organized, I have certainly not invented anything, but "intimate" ones like the CREATIVE SPACE I have not yet discovered.

When you walk through the door of the Lab, you breathe the air of home and lots of love, this is what I was told by those who came to visit me.

It is also not just a place to learn new techniques, but where you can also buy real craftsmanship.

The idea is in fact to have an area entirely dedicated to the sales account where small realities of hobbyists can make themselves known and sell their creations.

Why did you choose crowdfunding to finance your project?

In 2017 I heard for the first time about Crowdfunding. Through Instagram I learned about Gloria's "ohlala merceria" project uploaded to this platform and participated in her campaign. I found the fact of being able to involve your community for a personal dream.

I have been asked these days why I do not do a simple financing and the answer is this: when you open the VAT number there are different costs to be faced and a loan is another burden on your shoulders.

With crowdfunding you have the possibility of being able to be helped without weighing yourself down.

I am also confirming how this method enriches your heartI keep repeating that even if I don't reach the finish line, I'm getting so much affection that I can say that it's worth the effort!

What are the advantages and exclusives that supporters of your project will get in return?

I thought of unique rewards: people will be able to choose between a handwriting made in a limited edition by Laghlau, a video tutorial in which I show you how to make a quilted heart or a private lesson with me directly in the lab or via Skype!

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