The Olivetti Innovation Museum, where games and teaching are intertwined

It is called Tecnologic@mente, a Museum at the service of the City where memory is a living material.

20 Nov 2019

A jewel is hidden in the heart of Ivrea: Tecnologic@mente, the Olivetti innovation museum.

Established in 2004 thanks to the Natale Capellaro Foundation, the museum is not limited to the mere recovery of machines, objects, documents and artifacts related to Olivetti's work but proposes an overall experience in which conservation and interaction, exposure and participation are combined.

Tecnologicamente it is an interactive museum, linked to the needs of the community and oriented to the youngest.

His work is really special for the city.
The Museum wants to grow, with and for the citizens, it wants to move to a new location, bigger and more beautiful, which allows it to offer a greater number of activities by welcoming an increasing number of people.

It's a beautiful story, and let the TM Staff tell us about it in this interview ...

Tell us more about the history of the Olivetti Innovation Museum.

Tecnologic@mente comes from an idea of a group of private citizens in 2004, with the aim of transmitting the values of Olivetti to as many people as possible (especially to the younger ones).This consideration has therefore given rise to a Laboratory-Museum which has both a permanent exhibition part and a rich educational catalog aimed at all schools.

Which are the most relevant and particular finds that it contains inside?

We have chosen to display only the most significant machines and objects.Each object is exposed without "protections" so that the visitor can touch it and experience it directly.Another uniqueness of which we are very proud: the presence both on display and in the Programma101 laboratories (first desktop computer) perfectly functional and, once again, experimentable.

The Museum is an interaction and participation place. Would you like to tell us something more about the activities you organize?

One of the founding principles of our Foundation is certainly the one that starts from collaboration and inclusion.You are not going anywhere by yourself and you are not growing.Over the years we have profitably collaborated and co-designed with many associations and involved many local artists, inspired by the principles of "contamination" by Adriano Olivetti.

What does the Olivetti Innovation Museum represent for the city of Ivrea and its community?

We are still a curious world to discover.With schools and local institutions there is a consolidated collaboration and interaction over the years.With the population the process is slower.

Why did you choose crowdfunding for the opening of the new Museum headquarters?

Basically for two reasons.The first, perhaps even the most important, is to strengthen that sense of sharing the project with our fellow citizens, creating a wider community that awakens the pride of belonging not only to the museum, but above all to thestory that the museum tells.Furthermore, the need to collect the funds necessary for the transfer and the passionate and incredible response that we are having fills us with joy and makes us understand that we are on the right path.

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