Posto Unico, not just a bookshop in the heart of Fiesole

A unique place, a place to feel good: bookshop, breakfast, a small screening room for quality films, workshops and coworking

21 Oct 2019

From the love for your city, the desire to create a place of culture, sharing and meeting. For everyone.
An idea of love by the journalist Lilli Bacci.

How did this project come about and what prompted you to do it?

As I have tried to explain in the project sheet, Posto Unico is a desire that has been inside me for a very long time. Living the town of Fiesole, so rich in history and cultural resources and so-ahimè empty of meeting places not related to food and refreshment, I have witnessed, over the years, the closure of many spaces and shops, making the city less and less "alive".

Each time I thought that a place could be born that could accommodate a bookcase (this was the initial idea) that, over time, has turned into a more captivating "literary café" and then, after meeting with Anastasia Piazzotta and Wanted Clan in Milan, even in a small screening room affiliated to them.

There are so many foreigners in Fiesole and I thought of them to be able to offer them a work space with tables and a free network connection, magazines to browse through, newspapers to read ... And I thought of all of them proposing workshops and laboratories that can range from design to photography, from writing to reading aloud, from calligraphy to embroidery.

In short, an experience linked to the territory, to our "know-how". I thought of exhibitions, of music, of presentations to be hosted in that space.

Fiesole is the historical origin of Florence, and it is so close to the city: it must be valued and made accessible to all, as it once was.

Lilli, the world of publishing, art and design have always been part of your life. How and when did your passion become work and how do you make these two spheres coexist?

Yes, this project is as if put together all the pieces of my life, as if they can reunite them in this place that has added value for me very important: the social.

I am convinced that today our task is, in addition to "stay human", to work in the cultural, promote culture, disseminate culture and create places and moments of connection, small communities are chosen.

I believe that designing today means this, and creativity also means this. I see a red thread that unites.

So that all this could happen I created the Cultural Association that I called Aprire Le Stanze.

I, who take care of homes and living in work, loved to use this metaphor to make people understand the importance of the relationship, of "going out" of one's niche to go to others and to a community that I like to define - with Ezio Manzini who deals with project culture and social innovation - "light" or choice, voluntary, open, with the desire to do something together, with the value of a shared happiness understood as a common good that can live together with the beauty of place.

I would like to create a space that can contain all this and for this reason it will be invaluable and at the same time fragile and that therefore will require care. From everybody. I feel that the job I have to do today is this.

To share with those who want to do it with me.

Fiesole is in itself a unique place, even if not everyone knows it well. Would you like to tell us about your Fiesole?

Fiesole is in my heart. For its history, for the territory, the wonderful landscape that surrounds it, the people who live there. Because it is so close to Florence. Because when I get home (my house is 4 km from the town of Fiesole) I meet the deer and when I go down to Fiesole and go to Florence and get down from the square, the miracle of the Dome stands out from the old Fiesole.

I was born in Florence and lived in a neighborhood called Le Cure which is right below Fiesole: from the windows of the house where I was born and where I lived until I was 14, you could see Fiesole. It was an "imprinting": from birth I had the hill of Fiesole before my eyes, which has a very special design, a line (see the mythological story of his birth according to which it was founded by Atlante which, after a long journey through Africa, he asked Apollo where he was a nice place to rest in. The god pointed to the hill above the Arno, the most beautiful in the world, where Atlante founded a city he called Tu fies alone, "You will be unique").

After almost twenty-five years I then went to live on that hill, and I am still there, although for a number of reasons I am no longer a resident because I live in Milan ... and between Fiesole and Milan I share my life and mine work.

Why a crowdfunding campaign?

Because sharing is one of the key aspects of the project, of every project and this mode is innovative, engaging and successful.

Certainly not enough: this collection is just a start!

Once the campaign is over, work will begin to continue opening the premises. How do you imagine your unique place?

I imagine simple and harmonious spaces, the warmth of things experienced, even a little disheveled like houses, hard-working people sitting at tables, others on sofas reading or talking.Someone who comes in to browse and buy some books to give as gifts, takes the program of numerous activities, someone takes a coffee or tea while browsing an art magazine ...

In short: a place to feel good!

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