Turn the writing on the walls into real songs

Chibo, the ironic and irreverent songwriter who makes everyone fall in love with her sung walls

16 Oct 2019

Chibo in art Chiara Elisa Boi. Who is Chibo?

Chibo is the most ironic and creative part of me, the most carefree one that takes itself a little less seriously. I've always written songs since I was a little girl and I picked up my first guitar. I started writing songs in English because I wanted to give vent to my emotions but at the same time to hide them a bit. 

With the songs in Italian the themes have grown and changed as much as I did. In recent years it has become increasingly spontaneous, for example, to write ironic songs: I feel this mode of expression and communication more akin to my way of being.

Then came the idea of "Canto I Muri", which was a 360º revolution.

Canto I Muri (Sing The Walls), a super creative project that immediately made us fall in love and have fun. How was the idea born?

I was walking near my house in Milan, I saw a wall full of drawings, murals and writings like "new pirla", "zizze" and other "cultured" dedications. It was like a flash, I imagined them as words of a whole song, made entirely of writing on the walls. I photographed the ones I had seen, I went to look for others, and I created an archive of photos. 

The first song on the walls, "The wooden cows" was a mixture of absurdity and delirium.

Would you like to talk to us about some writings that inspired you in particular?

Certainly the writings with vulgar sentences, ungrammatical, no sense, are the ones that are most popular and that, objectively, make you laugh more. In general the writing that inspires me is the one that, at the very moment I'm reading it, sounds musical to me: if I can imagine it rhythmically and melodically right away, it means that it works. 

What particularly inspires me is being able to create a connection between all the writings, look for a logical thread in the development of the text, a common theme, as if the writings spoke among themselves despite being created by different people, unknown to each other and for miles of distance.

For some years your artistic path has been intertwined with the Milanese Cabaret and the Zelig Theater. How did the connection happen and what boost did you give to your career?

The first connection took place a year and a half ago, when I participated in Zelig at the "Fun Cool Music Awards", the first festival of entertaining music, presented by Marco Maccarini and chaired by the judges Roy Paci, Paola Maugeri, Corrado Nuzzo, Davide Civaschi.

On that occasion I had the pleasure of meeting Giancarlo Bozzo and performing for the first time on the stage of the Zelig theater with one of my songs, "GLIO", which talks about my lack of pronunciation. It was a very new and exciting experience for me. That was the first connection.
A year later, when the idea of "Canto I Muri" was born, I published the first video songs on Instagram: Davide Paniate, presenter and presenter of Zelig saw them and invited me to the Art Workshop, where I started performing .
Getting on the stage that made the history of cabaret in Italy and that has launched the greatest comedies of all time is always a great honor.
In addition to Zelig, I have the good fortune to perform in other cabaret shows (with the Accademia del Comico in Milan; the Emerging Cabaret Festival in Modena), of theater song (with Dramatrà in itinerant theatrical-musical visits to Milan to discover the city in a fun way, and telegrams sung) and improvisation (with the ABIT of Brescia). All this is fundamental in many aspects: the ability to stand in front of the public, create connection and empathy, know how to build a show that works.
Through Zelig I met Davide Civaschi (Cesareo), guitarist of Elio e le Storie Tese. The first time he contacted me I was almost incredulous. She invited me to the studio to talk about my project and it was another incredible chapter in this whole story.

Why do you choose crowdfunding? What are the strengths of your campaign?

I chose crowdfunding because I need support to make my professional project, I wish I could work on new ideas and develop them together with professionals to entrust the recording of the songs and the making of the videos.

Moreover the opportunity to receive a co-financing from PostepayCrowd, in the case I reach half of the set goal, is a big incentive for those who, like me, have a project but do not have the necessary availability to start it.

I believe the strength of my campaign is the very idea of singing the walls, but so is the choice to reward my supporters with my creativity, with audio and video personalized musical thanks, the telegram sung or the concert home.

I hope the campaign is successful, but as in all experiences - and here there would be an inscription on the concluding sung walls - "the important thing is the journey, not the destination".

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