Hug your cross and exorcise your dramas running!

50 poor christs from all over Italy, chosen according to the weight of their crosses, will compete running in the alleys of the Sassi of Matera.

09 Oct 2019

Never seen anything like it!

Take a group of crazy communication professionals, join a director and performer, a careful reflection on life and the difficulties that it presents us, a healthy and incomparable irony, that's what comes out of it: the Race dei Poveri Christs, an event in which to share and exorcise all their small and big misfortunes together! 

Beautiful, hilarious, unique and crazy!

Tell us about the Race of the Poor Christs, what is it?

The Race of the Poor Christs is a walk, a march, a moment of redemption, a way to feel less alone, a collective game to lighten up the small and large burdens that we carry every day, is a choral show, a community project, of a community that often hides, is a hymn to the joy of living despite everything, a participated work of art, a way to laugh at it! 

The idea was born looking around us: we understood that the world is full of Poor Christs like us who carry a cross on their shoulders every day, so we decided to honor them.

Who is a Poor Christs?

Everyone, everyone without distinction of sex, race, religion, political creed and weight of the wallet: feeling Poor Christ is a mood, not a tax return.

Why did you choose crowdfunding to finance your project?

The Race of the Poor Christs is a community project, a project born from below and precisely because we strongly believe in sharing and in the ability of everyone to do the same even with little, crowdfunding was immediately the closest choice to our values.

And now tell us, what is your cross?

Our cross is... not being able to carry out the Race as we wish!
Let's check the progress of our crowdfunding campaign anxiously, about every 5 minutes. :)

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