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A festival for those who believe in the power of ideas

05 Jun 2019

Tell us how Zoemicrofestival was born...

ZoeMicrofestival was initially born as an institutional project of the Youth Policies of the Territorial and Social Area of Pesaro, which has formed a team of youth educators to create an association that would act as an interface between institutions and young people and that would create a festival to give opportunities to young artists and associations to be promoted and that would network the various socially sensitive realities of the city.

Explain better what the festival consists of and what are the activities that can be done within it

ZoeMicrofestival is an artistic, cultural and social festival.

Artistic because you can find concerts, performances, exhibitions and artistic installations; cultural because it promotes culture, possibly alternative, possibly stimulating, certainly far from that taught in formal environments; social because in the festival every year are treated socially significant issues such as sustainability, equal opportunities (360 degrees), the enhancement of the person, active participation, inclusion.

Why is it so important for the community?

ZoeMicrofestival is important first of all because it has allowed to create networks between the realities of the territory. 

It is, in fact, the only festival where artists, bands and associations are not only side by side physically, but collaborate in a union of intents for the success of the festival, establishing in the meantime human and professional relationships, which often blossom in lasting collaborations. 

Secondly, it is important because it gives the community a place where to express itself and where to see and listen to music, words and images that start from the people who live in the territory and that reflect sensitive issues and important for the community itself.


Why did you choose crowdfunding for the festival this year?

ZoeMicrofestival has always been free of charge, explicitly unrelated to large sponsors for ethical reasons and has always maintained a policy of low average prices while turning to local suppliers with prices certainly higher than the large distribution, supporting with some institutional aid, funding received through the winning of European, national and regional calls and with the proceeds of local sales.

This year the funding coming from the calls for proposals, which have always constituted a good part of the budget, has been lacking and we have therefore decided to turn to the local community, which for years has been taking part in the evenings of the festival and which perceives ZoeMicrofestival as a key part of the cultural initiatives of the city.

What advantages and exclusives will the supporters of Zoemicrofestival have in return?

The supporters will have their own reward for supporting Zoe'! 

With 5 euro you will appear in the Wall Of Fame of the supporters; with 10 euro you will also have the pin; with 25 euro also the 70x100 poster of this edition; with 50 euro also the t-shirt of this edition; with 100 euro also a set of 5 postcards signed by 5 of the artists participating in the festival; with 500 a partnership to be agreed with the Association Zoe'.

In addition to all this, gratitude and love for ever!

A festival, many shapes of freedom

Zoemicrofestival was founded in 2000 thanks to the associazione Zoe and today is one of the most prestigious and innovative events of politics and youth protagonism in the province of Pesaro.

It is a social, artistic and cultural festival in which the different artistic forms coexist in a single place: a common moment of expression for young people supporting relevant issues, shared through moments of meetings, works of art, exhibitions and testimonies.

Here you can find their crowdfunding campaign.

The goal of Zoemicrofetsival is to give voice to anyone who wants to express themselves and therefore, we too, wanted to give more space to their expression, asking some questions.

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