How to make a dream come true... with short pastry

Let's meet a designer who creates sweet works of art

25 Jul 2019

A sweet architect and her dream

Rita Strati is an architect by profession, but she has a great passion: sweets!

Up to now it seems completely normal, but what is extraordinary is how Rita has transformed her passion into her most important project: to combine art and sweetness, design and shortcrust pastry.

On September 1, 2018, Rita opened her Atelier where her works are exhibited, her works of art of short pastry, undisputed protagonist of her pastry and most versatile means with which to express her creativity.

Rita has invested all her efforts and savings in this sweet project and would like to do more and make the atelier even better.

Fascinated by her work, we asked her a few questions. Then remember to visiti her campaign.

How did you come up with the idea of shortcrust pastry creations?

I have always loved sweets and in particular the simplicity and versatility of this basic pastry dough, which allows you to give shape to any idea.

And the mentality of an architect helps! 

What does your atelier mean to you?


It's my home, my job, my passion

Tell us how your work is born, from the idea to its realization in shortcrust pastry

A project is born from an idea, perhaps offered by the person to whom it will be dedicated, or from the curiosity to see what comes out ... then I move on to the phase of drawing, and to the more technical phase of the realization.

And the result always surprises me, from the initial idea to the finished product, the project is a continuous discovery.

What will the supporters of your project receive in return?

For my supporters I have studied " delicious " rewards.

In addition to my eternal gratitude they will have personalized cookies, a brochure of recipes, personalized gadgets and artistic Pastafrolla courses for the most generous.

Why did you choose crowdfunding for your project?

I've always heard of it as a tool for financing startups, but it's much more!

It allows you to consolidate a community around the project, which supports and strengthens it, and this is an added value of great importance, especially today.

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