A Smile for Little Spectators

Come and meet "Il Cimena" ... yes, you read that right!

31 Jul 2019

No mistake, just a big heart

"Cimena" is not a spelling mistake, but a non-profit social association.

Cimena wants to use cinema as a means to spread culture and offer relief within hospitals and care and support centers.

It is composed of professionals from the audiovisual, promotion and communication world who want to give a hand to those who are going through difficult moments of care.

Cimena works great and all the little patients are happy with the service offered by the association, but they need you to improve and bring even more happiness to sick people. Their crowdfunding is still open!

Intrigued by the project and aware of the mistake that we too have made as children, they exchange "cimena" with "cinema", we decided to dedicate space to a project of such importance with some questions.

What is CIMENA?

Il Cimena was born as a non-profit social promotion association with the aim of using cinema as a tool to offer culture and relief within hospital and care facilities.

In practice, Il Cimena is a diverse team of professionals from different sectors such as audiovisuals, promotion and communication.

Thanks to the transversal skills we identify, together with the structures concerned, the calendar of appointments most suitable for the patients' therapeutic path, therefore, collaborating with the manager of the structure, we define the contents to be projected and prepare the room in which - for about half a day - Il Cimena will arrive .

This is the Cimena, a real on-demand cinema service, flexible and adaptable to the needs of the public.

Who is Il Cimena for?

We turn to all care facilities - be they large hospitals or small nursing homes - that collect incapacitated patients for a limited time or extended to access moments of sharing and entertainment.

Thanks to the characteristics of flexibility and mobility - the flagship of the initiative - a simple activity like watching a film together can become a weekly appointment even for those who are forced within the walls of a hospital.

Since we pay the utmost attention to patients and their therapeutic path, the proposed contents will vary from time to time based on the characteristics of the public and the needs of the facility that will host Cimena.

Whether it's a large multi-purpose space or a small departmental recreation room, no problem, we take care of everything!

Who can participate in Cimena?

In a nutshell ... everyone!

Obviously, the goal of Cimena is to offer patients a moment of suspension from the hospital routine, so it is an appointment aimed, thought and studied mainly for them.

However, it is in the social nature of Cimena that people meet, weave relationships and build interpersonal relationships, just like in real city cinema.

From this point of view the room - subject to the consent of the person in charge of the host structure - may also be open to family members, visiting friends and the staff of the structure itself.

Il Cimena is a moment of leisure and freedom for everyone!

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