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Innovation, fun, culture: an irresistible mix

05 Aug 2019

The historical investigation is made ... with papers!

What is a coup?
When did it happen?
When was it created?

And above all who was it?

These are just some of the questions that will come to your mind as soon as you are in front of a coup d'etat.

Coup d'etat is a card game of historical investigation, a real journalistic investigation, in which players must investigate one of the greatest Italian mysteries: the attempted Borghese coup in 1970.

Based entirely on actual events, this game is based on the logic of escape games, so all players work together to solve the puzzles of the First Republic.

Coup d'état is a game for everyone, because historical notions are not needed to overcome it but only cunning and intelligence in solving puzzles.

Moreover, coup d'état is a fantastic way to learn history while having fun and spending time together.

When we saw the coup d'état we wanted to play immediately too and, taken by the investigative team, we decided to ask some questions to the minds of this innovative project, the We Are Müesli.

What makes the We Are Müesli design studio special?

First of all the name :) on whose genesis we have more than one version, but the official one refers - like muesli is a mix of different fruits, seeds and cereals - to our being a mixture of different skills and experiences.

From this crossroads, what is now our specialization was born 6 years ago: to tell the stories of the world (of art, culture, History "with a capital S") in non-conventional forms - above all, the game (digital but not only, as in this case).

Tell us about coup d'état, how it works and how it is structured...

"Coup d'état" is a card game for which we have drawn inspiration from our current "pallino", the escape room.

As in the live room escape the story unfolds mainly through the resolution of puzzles and codes of various kinds, the story behind "Coup d'état" - a story, alas, true: that of an attempted anti-democratic coup undertaken in Italy in the 1970 - it is told of paper in paper through a sequence of puzzles that the players, in the role of reporter of an editorial staff, are called upon to solve in order to "put together" the pieces of this complicated historical-political history.

Depending on your point of view, in short, it can be considered an investigative card game of 60 cards, or a playable journalistic investigation of 120 pages...

Where did the idea of ​​coup d'état come from?

The idea is a bit of a natural continuation, in paper form, of the path we have taken with our previous narrative video games: telling a true story and - inverted commas - "serious" through another medium than the canonical ones.

In the case of "coup d'état", the choice of the content comes on the one hand from our conviction that the values of anti-fascism deserve to be updated with every available creative means, on the other by our personal interest in the perverse and fascinating tangle of stories that tragically characterized the period of the Sixties and Seventies in our country.

Have you made other projects like this?

Yes and no, in the sense that it actually represents our debut in terms of "physical" games (card or board games) but, as mentioned, for us it is - while respecting the specificities of the medium - a formula for game design narrative rooted in the reality of the world that we have already experienced in the past.

For example, through the 20 interactive stories of which our "docu-game" on the Resistance and Liberation "Venti Mesi" is composed, or the Sicilian "ballad interactive" on folklore (and street food!) Of "The Great Palermo "- first video game to be included a few months ago in the selection of design projects of the famous Compasso d'Oro award.

Both of these games can be downloaded for free from our website, give it a look!

Why did you choose crowdfunding to finance your project?

We chose crowdfunding for two reasons: the first, banal but not too much, of economic sustainability compared to the costs of printing and shipping connected to a non-digital publishing production like this (considering above all the fact that, from "fixed" of graphic design what we are, we want the game to enjoy a high quality print, which also makes it a beautiful object in and of itself, not "to save").

The second reason is a concrete and tangible verification of the commercial potential of this idea: an idea whose dimension, let's say, "niche" we are aware of (a little game, a little historical research, a little design, a little bit 'journalism ...), and that precisely for this reason requires that good job of building and feeding a community that distinguishes every widespread financing campaign.

What are the advantages and exclusives that supporters of your project will get in return?

To begin with, a copy of "Coup d'état" in its first exclusive independent edition (with various levels of "discount" depending on the speed in placing the reward :)

But even in the rewards higher than the base we have tried to offer in some way the best of what we know how to do, especially in terms of graphics: at a price just above the order of a deck it is possible to receive the print of one of our previous work, and with the SMILE reward! even a 100% tailor-made graphic work (your own portrait).

Among the "premium" rewards the one that perhaps is most important to us is the BACK TO SCHOOL, which includes the participation in one of the workshops that we usually hold on the subject of "interactive storytelling" (ad hoc, in this case): few things are as gratifying as transmitting to others the thing, the how and above all the why of what we know how to do.

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