The curtain does not have to close forever

A great mobilization to save Menotti of Milan

03 Oct 2019

Applause must continue

The Teatro Menotti completes this year forty years of activity.

This theater is one of the most loved places in the city, a cultural anchor in Milan, a meeting point for many.

The Menotti Theater is part of the history of Milan.

Not only is it a center for production and programming of shows, but it is also a place that the viewer now perceives as familiar, in which to meet, socialize and dialogue.

Here, people meet and socialize.

Here, people know and love each other.

Just as everyone loves this theater.

The Teatro Menotti, however, now risks closing due to entrepreneurial dynamics.

We decided to ask a few questions to the authors of the project that wants to save the theater of Milan and its history.

Tell us the story of Teatro Menotti ...

The Menotti Theater is a historic place in Milan. Forty uninterrupted years of theater make it one of the most loved places in the city.

At the end of the 70s the theater was called Teatro dell'Elfo directed by Gabriele Salvatores and Elio De Capitani and by a company of young actors destined to impose themselves to the general public: from Paolo Rossi to Silvio Orlando, from Claudio Bisio to Luca Barbareschi . In 2010 the Stable Company of the Filodrammatici Theater (Tieffe Teatro) after the transfer of the Elf, acquires the headquarters and renames the Teatro Menotti room.

Today Menotti is a place not only of performance but also a meeting space and contamination of different creative languages. A place where stories are listened to and told, where words are magically transformed, take shape, weight, color and different sound, manage to enter directly into the head and heart of the listener, without filters and without exceptions.

We are convinced that the theater should not only be a center of production and programming of shows, but a place that the spectator perceives as familiar, in which to meet, socialize and dialogue.

What would Milan lose with the closure of the theater?

We all lose if we turn off a voice of culture, creativity, freedom, we all lose if we find the door barred to ideas and emotions.

In particular without the Teatro Menotti, the city loses a place of "European" charm with its architecture that refers to the halls of contemporary Berlin and Paris. The public loses a place open to national and international proposals that is not at all customary, a meeting place, a clash of digressions for a vision linked to the contamination between the arts, to cultural cross-over.

Artists lose a place of experimentation, young people a house of artistic residence.

What important actors have passed through this theater?

Characters who have made the history of Italian theater, cinema and music have taken the stage in the Menotti theater.

From Elio to Paolo Rossi, from Paola Turci to Federico Buffa, from Enzo Iacchetti to Ninni Bruschetta and again Anna Foglietta, Claudio Santamaria, Lello Arena, Paola Maugeri, Milvia Marigliano, Moni Ovadia, Arturo Cirillo, Valentina Lodovini, Omar Pedrini, Natalino Balasso and many others.

Why did you choose crowdfunding to save the Menotti theater?

We decided to use crowdfunding to involve all our spectators, subscribers and supporters on an individual level.

We believe that it is necessary to share our history with the people who have always followed and supported us.

What will supporters of the project receive in return? What are the exclusives and the benefits they will get?

Supporters of the project will receive "theatrical" rewards: gadgets, tickets and free passes, invitations to exclusive events, theatrical spaces reserved for private events.

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