Yenzeim: a Legend ... in a History

A book that belongs to a character ... and that can be yours in a spectacular and ultra-limited edition

29 Jul 2019

A manuscript, a legend, an adventure

Yenzeim: what is it? What lies behind this very particular name?

Don't worry, if you love stories then you are in the right place: it is a legend of the world of Ernest Egg.

If you don't know this eccentric and adventurous character, it's time to fix it!

YENZEIM is a precious manuscript, made in an ultra-limited edition only for this campaign.

They tell us, they who have always lived with stories, Francesco "Paul Izzo" Polizzo and Stefano "The Tree" Bosi Fioravanti.

Tell us about the character of Ernest Egg: why is it so cool?

Paul: Ernest represents that part of us that has not compromised with adulthood.

Keeping a playful but at the same time culturally stimulating look. The character has touched strings, to tell readers who have recognized him, who refer to their innocence and youth. I can only agree with them.

Some have approached, perhaps exaggerating, what was done with Harry Potter by Rowling. A magic that has bewitched those who gave us confidence by purchasing its first Diary when it had not yet been written in full.

But Ernest is much more. It's a life project for me and for Stefano, since he was born today we haven't spent a day without adding details to his narrative universe.

What is the story of "In Scene"?

Paul: On stage is what we like to call a "circular" love story. Taking advantage of the concept of Kairos and grafting it into a fairy tale we tried to convey the sense of wonder that animates the classic stories ...

But then we had a lot of fun with the cards and touched on some important themes like racism and fear of the different with the style that now distinguishes us: lightness and depth of reading levels.

Where did the idea of ​​making the wooden manuscript come from?

Stefano: Our intention was to immerse ourselves in the world of Ernest Egg and make a book from his library.

In designing On Stage, we imagined a traditional fairy tale told in the narrative universe of Ernest, exactly like The fairy tales of Bede the Bard for Harry Potter.

So Yenzeim is nothing but the version of In Scena belonging to the private collection of the explorer of legends and, being a precious tome coming from a distant land in the East, it is written in language. The engravings on the cover refer to an exotic imagery, taking up the mosaic of internal illustrations and winking at the modular graphics that characterize the pages.

Wood is a rare and valuable material for a book and directly suggests the taste of the whole project. In publishing, the use of some materials over others is a convention that hides, in almost all cases, economic reasons.

For us, every book is the possibility of telling a story, not only through text and images but also thanks to the materials and techniques used in the realization.

Why did you decide to use crowdfunding for your project?

Stefano: We have never been particularly jealous of our project, we believe in collaboration and in the possibility of creating something that belongs to many.

By sharing, financially supporting, collaborating and believing in this project, everyone can feel part of it, thus giving us the opportunity to create something extremely multifaceted and interesting.

The very nature of crowdfunding fits very well with this kind of ambition. At each step, precious collaborations are born that enrich the initial idea but not only: crowdfunding allows to break up the author-public combination transforming it into something more direct and functional.

What will the supporters of your project receive exclusively?

Stefano: Among the most appreciated rewards stands out on all Digital Portrait, where the supporter will receive his own portrait "à la Ernest" in digital version.

What better way to feel part of this project? We then enriched the first diary of Ernest Egg with a print that anticipates the still unpublished sequel, while at In Scena we have attached a bookmark with the name of the buyer written in the Yulan language.

Then plush broccoli, handmade leather key rings and an original and unique model by the protagonist of In Scena, used for illustrations, but the icing on the cake are the soft toys as a gift with Yenzeim: 43 crafted soft toys specially made for the occasion, limited and unrepeatable, of some of the most beloved characters in the world of Ernest.

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