A magical place, a unique wine. Your

Adopt a vineyard, produce excellence: the story of Reboro's birth

02 Oct 2019

A great wine comes from a great grape ... and a beautiful collaboration

One of the most acute and brilliant writers in history, that Jonathan Swift author of the irresistible Gulliver's Travels, used to say that "wine should be eaten, it's too good to just be drunk!"

We are sure that this will also be the feeling of those who will taste the Reboro, a wine that comes from the Valle dei Laghi, from a secular tradition but also from an open mind and an unprecedented collaborative spirit.

The project sees the creation of a magical place, where those who wish, can give their name or that of a loved one to every single vineyard.

A material and symbolic gesture that inextricably links people and grapes, spirit and taste.

An initiative that stems from the collaboration of several companies could only see the light under the star of crowdfunding, the participatory instrument par excellence.

So we talked to the protagonists of this adventure, Marco and Stefano Pisoni.

What does creating a new wine mean for a winemaker? And what prompted you to launch into this project?

A new wine is always the fruit of a project that is based on the most precious good for a winemaker: the terroir, a French term difficult to translate into Italian, which describes the complex relationship that is created between soil, climate, grape variety and knowledge of 'man.

The Reboro is exactly this: a collective project, shared by several Winegrowers of the Valle dei Laghi, which aims to enhance the unique and unrepeatable characteristics of this valley of ours.

A mild, sub-Mediterranean climate, unique in the Alps, which allows perfect ripening of the grapes; the wind called Ora del Garda, which makes it possible to wither the grapes, as we have traditionally done for centuries for the prized Santo Trentino Wine; a vine, the Rebus, who is the son of this land.

What are the unique features that will distinguish your wine product?

The Reboro is unique in the first place because it comes from the will of several companies: this is a great value, in a world often marked by individualism!

In this wine we put centuries of knowledge and knowledge, linked to the technique of drying the grapes.

We did it by enhancing a unique vine, the Rebus, which was born in this land thanks to the research work of Rebo Rigotti, a great scholar who was the son of our valley.

It is a precious wine, with unique characteristics of elegance: a powerful and decisive structure, which make it combinable with the most important dishes of European cuisine, but with a sweet and soft fruit, persuasive, able to be appreciated by all wine lovers.

Why did you decide to rely on crowdfunding to realize your idea?

We thought that new promotion and communication strategies were needed for a new project.

We Winegrowers are tied to traditions, but we always look to the future: agriculture, on the other hand, has always been a continuous process of "faithful betrayal", which makes us keep the necessary things, continually innovating them to respond to the challenges we face in front of.

The Reboro is exactly that: tradition and innovation, past and future, and we saw crowdfunding as a perfect way to communicate it.

What does being a company in the digital world mean to you? How did you change your communication and talk to customers?

We Pisoni have always been attentive to new technologies, always trying to keep up with the times. Obviously we are convinced that it is not enough to communicate well: at the base there must always be a great product, a great wine, and above all a company that works in a respectful way, following the values of all of us winemakers: quality, territoriality, sustainability.
But making a great wine without communicating it effectively is of no use: for this reason, especially on the Reboro, we are looking for new ways to reach consumers, all wine lovers, telling a story that speaks of us, of our earth, of our work.

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