"Losing a leg isn't all that bad"

You are only disabled if you don't use your talents

04 Jun 2021

One day, my life stopped. Maybe I was in too much of a hurry and learned to look, think, wait; after all, losing a leg is not that bad."

These are the words of Moreno Pesce, a 46-year-old athlete from Veneto who lost a leg due to a motorcycle accident in 1997.

Since childhood, Moreno had a passion for the mountains, but only a few years after the accident he approached mountaineering and climbing.
Thanks to a prosthesis in carbon fiber and titanium, he has become a celebrity in the world of trail and vertical races, two specialties in close contact with nature, in which there is no need to fear fatigue and unexpected events.

From the day of the accident, his mission has been to start living again, to get back on the game with strength. That force that every day is stronger than the one before and accompanies him in all the things he does.

"We are not disabled because a bodily function is lacking or reduced, but because we do not use all the talents we have to achieve our dreams". 

This is the message that Moreno transmits to those who think of giving up and suffering events.

All his competitions are a challenge with himself, and with no one else.

In short, Moreno is great! And we are honored that he has decided to support our MSD Crowdcaring initiative thanks to a three-stage tour:
Punta Martin - Acquasanta (Genoa),
the Great Horn of the Gran Sasso,
Monte Rosa in Alagna. 

The first two peaks have been reached, yours will end with the last stage on June.

Follow him on the social network (Facebook e Instagram), cheer him on because together, thanks also to MSD CrowdCaring, we can really invent for life!

The six projects of this call, dedicated to the inclusion of diversity, are now online and you can find them all at this link:

Discover them, share them and, above all, support them with us and MSD Italia.

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