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Crowdfunder35 Young Rebels. Creativity to start off again!

15 Jan 2021

The last call for this edition of Crowdfunder35 is underway, the initiative, born with the support of the CRT Development and Growth Foundation, which promotes Italian non-profit cultural enterprises made up of young people under 35.

Today more than ever we need art, culture and creativity.
We believe in young people, we believe in their impulses, we believe in their creative spirit to fill our souls with beauty anew.

Music, theater, performing arts, social inclusion, civic requalification.
We enthusiastically tell you about these 7 wonderful adventures. Buckle up!

The summer of OFF TOPIC

It is never too early!
We are only in January but the guys from The Goodness Factory are already preparing for a dream summer!

What awaits you?
Concerts, every Tuesday at sunset.
Events dedicated to children, in which science will be the protagonist thanks to games and small lessons.
Evenings of music and good food. Beer. Laughs.
And a lot, but a lot, desire to be together.

In Turin, a stone's throw from the center, only if the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

We bring the freedom of sound and words back into our lives:

Vertigini Performing Arts Festival

Vertigini, the first performing arts festival in the Province of Belluno.
Where is it? In Hangar11, a depot for military vehicles inside a barracks abandoned for over twenty years.
A process of rebirth from below of a place and of the contents that are its lifeblood.

Thanks to the participation of all, the Hangar11 could become a new reference place for live entertainment, culture, training, housing, to cultivate and grow projects for young artists, activating a virtuous process of territorial development.
This is civic redevelopment!

Both we and the SlowMachine kids believe that the quality of life also depends on innovative initiatives and projects. If you also believe that this is the case, don't hold back and make a difference:

Open windows

In the center of Cremona there is a large gray building. Close to the sidewalk some lowered shutters and, above, a row of 12 closed windows. Closed not by shutters or shutters, but by brick and plaster. They just seem to be waiting to be opened by the imagination. But they are not the only ones. Wandering around the city, you can see so many closed windows.

The Tapirulan Association has a dream: to bring some of those windows to life, open them to new life, imagining a story thanks to an illustration. Very beautifull!

If the campaign is successful, 15 windows will be chosen and on each one an artist will be called to paint his work of art. The result will be a permanent open-air exhibition, an opportunity to raise one's head while discovering unusual corners of the city.

A project that screams all his love for art and for his city. Find out with us, we are sure you will fall in love with it too:

"O quam pulchra es" - cd production

Within the music recording market, ancient music represents the privileged means for the dissemination of creativity, executive experimentation, the incessant exploration of new repertoires.

For years, the Estense Music Association has been offering 1000 years of musical culture, with a preference for the enhancement of the Este heritage. The next project aims to revive the 131 compositions contained in a manuscript from the 1400s found at the Ferrara court of Lionello d’Este. The resulting CD will be called "O quam pulchra es" and looks really interesting!

It is from ancient music that new music is born. And it is precisely for this reason that the project has fascinated us so much! If you are intrigued, you can find out here:


Marga pura is a Paduan association, made up of circus performers, actors and artists, which has been operating in the city for years to promote cultural events. One of the association's most interesting projects is the permanent "UrbanArt" exhibition in which various artists have created sculptures throughout the city of Padua on stumps of trees destined for felling.

It is precisely around these works that the SeminArti Festival will take place this spring: shows, concerts, performances, workshops, events of social cohesion and awareness of the theme of care and protection of the environment to regain possession of green spaces in a dimension of belonging and of well-being in the inhabitants.

An event that will involve the city and which, we hope, will also involve you because it is only with your support that it can take place:

Narin Camp

Narin is the name of a Kurdish girl who in 2016, during the war to defend the borders of Rojava, wrote a letter to her mother, telling her how hard the days were and how hard it was for her to give up everything because Of the war. Narin is the symbol of a battle for freedom that goes beyond geographical borders and ends up being the prerogative of each of us.

Now in its fifth edition, the Narin Camp is an opportunity in which young people from all over Italy can discuss current issues to gain greater awareness and train a critical gaze, which should always accompany us in reading the present.

Al Narin Camp on talks about gender discrimination, civil rights, international politics, culture and discusses current issues; all accompanied by guests from the world of information, cinema, literature, music, associations, theater and institutions.

This year, more than the others, initiatives of this kind can contribute to strengthening social ties, currently fragmented, creating a network of young people, ready to get involved.

Be part of it, Narin Camp awaits you:

Slegati! Festival

Who among us as a child didn't play with LEGO bricks?!

Slegati! is the festival dedicated to smart games, music and them, the beloved Lego bricks!

The brilliant idea comes from the Slegati Association of Parma which operates in the area with the aim of awakening, stimulating and feeding people's creativity, from children to adults, from grandparents to grandchildren.

The last editions of the Festival have been exciting and have seen the involvement of thousands and thousands of people who have participated in the dozens of creative workshops, physical activities, scheduled events.

The challenge for the Untied! Festival 2020 + 21 is to grow further by increasing the number of annual appointments.

Only with your support will it be possible. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the energy and the Untied! Festival, you will not regret it:

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