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The new six projects promoted by MSD Italia are underway

29 Sep 2020

MSD Crowdcaring never ceases to surprise us, the MSD Italia initiative that cares about people's health and life.

Six new projects are online, ready to make the world a better place!

There is Milla, the revolutionary cartoon for exploring the world of disability, the Alice's Home, which welcomes and supports the families of young cancer patients, Safe Love, the laboratory to educate young people about safe sexuality.
And much, much more.

We'll tell you a preview here, but you can find out all the details on the official MSD CrowdCaring page:

Milla is coming!

Milla is a five and a half year old girl who had her left leg amputated and wears a small prosthesis: her "robot leg".
She experiences "disability" as a condition of "supernormality" and fights for the right to do whatever comes to her mind, against clichés. She has an unbridled imagination, is nice, ironic and fights for a world in which care for the environment, social inclusion, justice will prevail.

Conceived by the Sportfund Foundation and Davide Baldoni, Walt Disney illustrator, Arriva Milla! is a comic, a communication project designed to explore the world of disability through the eyes of a child. A way to listen to children who speak to us in a direct, simple and wise way.

The goal is to raise awareness of the world of free play and sporting activity for disabled children: unique opportunities to develop the talent of children, and irreplaceable opportunities for social inclusion.

Join the battle of Milla, pre-order the comic here:

Alice's House, just like home!

In Naples there was a house that had older walls than the others, a table, some furniture and a couple of beds. A forgotten house, with a musty smell in the entrance and dull light in the windows, but that wasn't what made it sad. The thoughts of those who lived there were sad, the actions were bad.
Then, one day, the house was given to parents who had a dream and they came together to carry out a special project. A little big miracle happened: thanks to the generosity of many, the house was renovated and furnished, becoming a house of a thousand colors, a happy house, the "Alice's House".

Today in Alice's house lives those who don't have a house because they live far away, but who need to stay in Naples for a long time to cure their child from a bad disease called cancer. The home has become a special place where those forced to deal with the disease have the opportunity to feel welcomed and relieved in the material difficulties that the treatment process entails.

It is thanks to everyone's help that this place of the heart can continue to be happy!

Keep making Alice's House smile here:

Reopen the House of Ideas

Associazione D'Idee is a beautiful Bolognese reality that has been carrying out inclusive activities for years, creating autonomy paths aimed at making children with Down syndrome independent. Thanks to an apartment it manages, the Association allows 15 young adults to be able to commit themselves to face basic autonomy up to an autonomous management of daily life.

Small, very important steps to achieve normality that is not taken for granted.

Unfortunately, the lockdown has blocked all activities and now to start again we need the support of all of you to allow this story to be written again.

Let's reopen together Casa delle iDee:
https: // ...


What happens when a child is faced with the serious illness of one of his parents?
We all agree in the belief that the need not to feel alone in coping with the anguish that this situation generates is very strong!
Support in these critical situations is essential.

Attivecomeprima Onlus, a Milanese association that works to support people affected by cancer, has created the 8-11 Children's Laboratory with the aim of helping children to represent and share their emotions.

The workshop, led by psychotherapists and experts in the sector, will allow children to express their emotions through drawing and writing. The narrative dynamics, and therefore the evolution of the invented characters, will be the guiding tool of the discussions with the participants.

We protect the emotional health of children, we organize together the Children's Laboratory 8-11:

Safe Love

No one speaks calmly to young people about sexuality without prejudice or censorship. And young people are left alone to build their own culture of sexuality, often looking for answers online, finding only partial and often misleading, false or dangerous ones.
It must also be said that today we hear less and less of HIV or AIDS. This does not mean that its diffusion data is not relevant. Just think that, in the last year, 430 new cases have been registered in Milan alone. More than one a day!

Ala Milano, an association that has been involved in social interventions both nationally and internationally since 1996, wants to educate boys and girls to live their sexuality serenely and with respect.

Such as? The idea of the Safe Love project is to involve 4 upper secondary schools in the Milan area to create 12 workshops with fourth and fifth grades involving about 300 students.

So enough with silences and taboos, let's turn on the spotlight and commit ourselves to promoting the culture of health and mutual respect!

Discover the Safe Love project here:

Grow through martial arts

Is there a lack of a partial arts gym dedicated to blind and visually impaired people in the city of Modena?
The section of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired APS thinks to create it, with the project Growing Through the Martial Arts.

The idea is to create a living space where the blind, the visually impaired, other disabled and able-bodied people can feel at ease and carry out sports / rehabilitation activities.
Martial arts have been chosen as they allow complete participation to the visually impaired thus ensuring complete personal development.

Take the field on the tatami mats of the new gymnasium of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired in Modena!

Discover the project here:
https: // ..

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