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Crowdfunder35, a concrete opportunity for Italian cultural organizations

22 Sep 2020

In 2012, 19 Italian foundations joined together to create Funder35, a project aimed at Italian non-profit cultural enterprises made up of young people under 35.

A wonderful initiative that aims to reward the innovativeness of these realities, strengthening them on an organizational and management level.

We at Eppela have been fans of it from the first moment: we are well aware of the importance of creative entrepreneurship in our own territory.

From this premise, with the support of the CRT Development and Growth Foundation, Crowdfunder35 was born, the crowdfunding call with which Funder35 broadens its range of action by involving the public, online.

From 14 September, the initiative is online with the first five campaigns that we are proud to tell you about.

The aim is only one: to give further space and support to the best organizations in the production of their artistic and cultural activities.

Join us, become a means to build a more inclusive, more participatory, more beautiful society.

Give us a push

This collection is promoted by a group of young artists and educators from Fiesole, the Teatro Solare collective. That they are artists is immediately clear, just watch the video of the campaign.

In a peripheral area, the cultural and aggregative offer can be discontinuous, ineffective, especially for young people who, not feeling a link to the place where they live, distance themselves from the people and realities that otherwise could make it more vital.
The Solar Theater has a wonderful idea in mind to fight all this: The General's Sundays. Once a week, dance, song and music workshops open to all citizens to give free rein to their creativity and return to love their city.

Teatro Solare believes in the value of the community as an ideal life dimension for individual and collective growth.

If you also believe in these values, well, then it's time to join them:

The Community Knowledge School

An Association called Casa Netural has been active in Matera since 2012. It was born as a rural co-working but over the years it has been transformed into a co-living space where to host innovators from all over the world who bring their projects to the Matera territory.

The Casa Netural team has an open and international outlook but strongly believes in the value of the cultural heritage of its territory. This is why he decided to create The Community Knowledge School, in the heart of the San Pardo district of Matera, a place to pass on and preserve knowledge and crafts. An environment of knowledge that, thanks to the organization of experiential workshops, will promote the exchange and collective growth between the citizens of Matera, those who come from outside, the local and foreign master craftsmen. 

The ultimate goal is to map the knowledge of the community to enhance the heritage of memory kept by the elderly and the heritage of innovation in the hands of young people.

So that the memory is not lost, support The Community School of Knowledge:


Bergamo is a beautiful city but, like many other cities, it has completely forgotten neighborhoods. One of these is called Grumello and is known to the people of Bergamo for the strong social discomfort that inhabits it.

The Caverna Theatre, a cultural association and theater company, has decided to inaugurate a theater in this neighborhood. A theater destined to become a vital center not only for Grumello, but for the entire city and also for those coming from outside the province.

Grumello, a new center of stimulation and culture. This is the goal. How to reach it? Through a series of cultural activities (shows, theatrical animation and training courses) that will leave all Abboccaperta.

Together it is possible! Do you believe? Click here:
You will remain Abboccaperta!

Queer Picture Show

Do you know the New Queer Cinema? No?!
It is a film movement that between the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century mobilized the LGBTQI + community around a series of titles and authors, independent productions and festivals, cementing their identity. The urgency of self-determination has led queer people to claim the right to the existence of different subjectivities, New Queer Cinema, for years, has been the means.

Altera APS is a Turin cultural association that has this issue very much at heart. In fact, since 2001 it has been promoting artistic productions with particular attention to the protection of rights, especially those of the LGBTQI + community.

What do they propose to do together? The idea is to create a multimedia and interactive performance that tells the wave of New Queer Cinema through the languages of digital, it will be called Queer Picture Show and will involve the public in real time, in a dialogue between spectators and stage, which will take place thanks to an interactive storytelling system.

The target? Enter the public to enter the world of the LGBTQI + community. Together we can raise awareness among citizens on equal opportunities issues, here:

REVELIA - The revelated art

There are over 200,000 cultural assets in Italy. Our country is dotted with places and monuments of extraordinary value, capable of giving the public exclusive experiences, full of discoveries, far from mass tourism. We are the beautiful country, not for nothing.

Today, unfortunately, the bodies that have these precious pieces of our heritage in custody are struggling to define truly sustainable management plans.

The team of Kalatà, a company that operates in the sector of cultural heritage enhancement with innovative and sustainable projects, has the solution: Revelia. Digital, simple and sustainable, Revelia allows you to implement an "on demand" management model of works of art, providing services to the public only when certain participation thresholds are reached.

In this way, on the one hand, management costs will be optimized, and on the other, viral promotion mechanisms will be favored. Eppela finds it a brilliant idea!

Revelia has been online for a few months. Everyone's help is needed to perfect the web platform and extend it nationwide: only in this way will we be able to accompany people to enjoy the many Italian wonders, a collective treasure just waiting to be revealed!

Join the Kalatà team, discover the project here:

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