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Let's restore the symbolic work of European culture together!

10 Sep 2020

They are talking about it on Repubblica, Askanews, the Reporter and many other local and national newspapers.

It is an important mission that involves the sensitivity of all of us: Let's save the Gateway to Europe!

A crowdfunding campaign that we are proud to welcome, promoted by Unicoop Firenze, together with Pietro Bartolo, a doctor from Lampedusa and MEP, the "October 3" Committee which will also deal with the restoration, and the "A route for solidarity" committee, in collaboration with the Casa dello Spirito e delle Arti Foundation, Arnoldo Mondadori and the Amani Association.

The goal is to restore the symbolic work of European culture.

The Gate of Europe is not just a monument, it is a very powerful symbol of the tragedy of those who lose their lives at sea every day. Built on the last promontory of the Sicilian island and made of refractory ceramic and galvanized iron, the Door is the first light of hope that migrants see at sea, it is the memory of those who remained at sea and never managed to touch the earth.

Today, twelve years after its construction, Mimmo Paladino's Gate of Europe in Lampedusa suffers from the signs of time and from the attacks of the wind, brackish and bad weather.

The appeal was launched by Pietro Bartolo, who tied his life to his commitment to migrants.

We are convinced that it is an asset to be safeguarded because, as Pietro Bartolo says, "The Gate of Europe is the physical proof that we remain human".

To participate, there is time until 20 September. Join us, save the Gate of Europe here:

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