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Sport, art, music and technology: new projects for #MSDcrowdcaring

19 Jun 2020

Innovation cares about people's lives

MSD Crowdcaring, the MSD Italia initiative to improve people's lives, returns with four new special projects!

From inclusive sports, to art therapy for children, going from music for everyone and the only app in the world that identifies parking spaces for disabled people.

In short, once again the selection of MSD Crowdcaring makes us excited.

It's up to you to make a difference, while enjoying this preview of the projects.

The MagicaMusica Orchestra, formed by children with disabilities

MagicaMusica is a very good orchestra made up of people with sensory and intellectual-relational disabilities. Second classified at the talent show of Canale 5 "Tu Si Que Vales", she performed at the Quirinale on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities and was selected by the Prime Minister's Office as a center of Italian excellence in terms of disability.

We are really proud to have them with us!
Together we can make their new musical, enjoy the show and play with them.
Needless to say, it is a unique opportunity!

Discover the project here:

Sport to discover the life of a partially sighted person

Sensitizing new generations through sport means breaking down prejudices and preparing for the future.

Norbert Casali is the protagonist of this story, today he is 22 years old but when he was 11 he began to experience the first symptoms of a degenerative disease that almost completely removed his sight, the "degenerative cone dystrophy". The disease took away his sight, but certainly not the grit and courage: he is a Paralympic triathlon champion, runs with the Homer runners, promotes awareness meetings.
The project he wants to implement aims to act on the youngest to produce a cultural change. How? By directly experiencing the meaning of being visually impaired through joint running sessions between runners and athletes.
An incredible experiment in which we cannot fail to participate.

Discover the project here:

​Bringing out your emotional world through art

Art therapy is an important tool to create an internal dialogue and stimulate the awareness process and highlight the resources of each of us. In this way, cognitive-behavioral disorders can be treated and any inconvenience related to the ability to learn can be prevented.

This is the work that has been going on for years for the Il Telaio association which organizes workshops for NAI children (newly arrived in Italy), with disabilities or learning disabilities.

By supporting their work, we have the opportunity to create a truly inclusive teaching that helps everyone get out of stereotypes.

Discover the project here:

The app that finds disabled parking in real time

It's called My Parking Spot and was born from a dream: to see Italy attentive to the needs of those with special needs. The idea is of Green Data Solutions Informatiche Srl which for years has been committed to finding technological solutions for the most varied needs.
In Italy there is no geolocation service for parking for the disabled. This obviously causes discomfort not only to disabled people in the first person but also to their families.
The mission is to create the free app that allows you to locate the disabled car park closest to your position or the one to be reached.

It will be a revolution for the lives of many but only if many participate.

Discover the project here:

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