Nastro Azzurro Crowd next to italian clubs

27 Mar 2020

Nastro Azzurro, the most drunk Italian premium beer in the world, has always been a side of those who look to the future with creativity and positivity, of those who do not stop, but rather continue to follow their own path and in the face of difficulties it reinvents itself and promotes new ideas. To cope with the COVID-19 emergency, the brand today launches an extraordinary campaign to raise awareness and raise funds for those who, in this delicate moment, continue to believe in the future of their business and commercial services, finding the best way to start again in the near future with optimism and determination. 

Nastro Azzurro asked for his contribution to support, as soon as possible, the recovery of small and medium Italian catering businesses, particularly damaged by this historic moment of health emergency, giving way to a special crowdfunding for the collection of an extraordinary fund to support the distribution of restaurants and pizzerias with an initial contribution by the brand of 250,000 euros and doubling people's donations. To emerge stronger from the crisis, the Italians will receive their support by adhering to the appeal of Nastro Azzurro: Offer #UNABIRRAPERDOMANI to support those who yesterday provided you with one"

Let's share with the staff of all the clubs in Italy ". Users will be able to offer a virtual beer to one or more friends, thus contributing to the cause. Nastro Azzurro, for each individual donation, will contribute the same amount. Everyone's help is essential: the goal is to collect at least 500,000 euros together. All proceeds will be donated to support workers in SMEs in the catering sector through collaboration with FIPE - Italian Federation of Public Exercises - to restart once the emergency status has been overcome and operators will need a new economic and solidarity boost.

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