When crowdfunding supports new Italian music

More than 30 online artists for PostepayCrowd: pop, indie, rap, trap, rock.Discover the new talents of Italian music!

24 Oct 2019

Postepay and Eppela have been collaborating for a long time to launch initiatives aimed at supporting different types of crowdfunding projects: from innovation, to fintech, to music.

In this years we have collected hundreds of successes!

For a few weeks now, with the PostepayCrowd initiative, Postepay has once again given its support to the growth of young Italian musical talents.

More than 30 emerging artists are challenging each other to get crowdfunding to get:
a co-financing by Postepay equal to 50% of the target,
the support of 4 independent labels to promote their project,
the opportunity to open the Levante concert at the Assago Forum!

In short, a unique occasion like few of them happen in crowdfunding, and in life! :)

We are super proud to introduce you to some of them, discover them together...

Cance, the singer who guides the aspiring thirty-year-olds

Is the life we are living really the life we want? With her album Little audio guide for aspiring thirty-year-olds, Giulia Cancedda, aka Cance, will try to give an answer to this question, trying to guide us in a growth that is consistent with our ambitions reminding us that it is essential to always chase themarvelous light that from childhood turned on talking about our dreams.

The Gassman, the small rock band that plays outside the great temples of music

The Gassman have a plan: if they are not yet famous enough to play in the temples of live music in Italy, it will mean that they will play just outside

the door, just before the big concert. "Nei pressi di…", this will be the name of the amazing tour that they will be able to carry out together with you. If the campaign reaches the goal, before the concerts of the Artists, you will find the Gassman outside the gates, among those who want to resell ticketsnot really authentic and the smell of salamella, peppers and rock'n'roll. Don't you think it's brilliant? :)

The Slwjm, the group that combines music with environmental awareness

A quartet made up of 4 boys from 3 different cities with an unique desire: self-produce their first album trying to communicate as much as possible who they are, their background but above all their attention and love for the environment! How? All the merch products and the disk packaging will be eco-sustainable and part of the crowdfunding harvest will be invested in trees to plant. Supporting the campaign IL PRIMO DISCO DEGLI SLWJM: CREATIVITÀ CONSAPEVOLE  to support the environment. Is not beautiful?!

Federico Stabile, the singer-songwriter who uses dialect to amplify the expressive potential of each of his words

A sound journey in the immense dimension.This is Palermo City Blues, the new album by Federico Stabile, a Sicilian songwriter in love with his land.For him, Palermo is fertile ground for musical contamination and his language, the Sicilian, amplifies the expressive potential of every single word that becomes sound, that is music.If you are in love with Sicily, this is the music for you!

Chibo, the singer-songwriter who makes the walls talk

Her name is Chiara Elisa Boi, aka Chibo. She is from Milan, self-deprecating and very nice, she plays acoustic guitar and writes melodic rock songs. She won us over right away! How?! With his crazy project "Canto i muri".Putting together the funniest writings on the walls of his city, she manages to create exciting hits. Listen to believe. :)

The Not For Money, and their cry of protest towards society

Stories to tell, thoughts to share and rules to twist. The Not For Money is a cry of protest towards our sick and consumerist society. But don't think you are looking at kids with subversive ideals and dark eyes, NFMs are solar, they love to play and they know how to entertain with their punk rock soul! We are sure that after listening to them you will not be able to resist them!

These are just some of the bands participating in this edition of PostepayCrowd.

Discover them all at this link:

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