This great Italian generosity

Thousands to build the future of little Eitan

04 Jun 2021

May 23, 2021, a day that none of us will ever forget.

The Stresa-Mottarone cable car crashes.
14 dead, one survivor, one child.

First a hiss, then a "crazy" roar and another, less loud bang. In a few seconds, what should have been the Sunday of the restart, the cases of Covid that are decreasing and the measures that are loosening, has turned into a tragedy, which all of Italy mourns. 

The Mottarone cable car, which from the Piedmont side of Lake Maggiore climbs up to the 1,491 meters of the mountain that gives it its name, crashes to the ground and in an instant the hopes and smiles of the fifteen people inside the cabin are gone. 

Fourteen people died. And then there is him, the only survivor. Thanks to the father's embrace. A child. A little 5 year old, little Eitan.

After the accident he was immediately taken to the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin where he fought tooth and nail for his life for days. Long days in which the whole of Italy remains in suspense and huddles around little Eitan: thousands of prayers, messages of hope and ... offers, offers to build its future.

Eppela, in collaboration with the Italian Jewish Communities, launched a crowdfunding campaign which in about ten days has raised about € 60,000.

These funds will be donated to little Eitan, to build his future, without the family he loves so much.

But there were not only the people, there were also the newspapers that spread the initiative: Il Mattino, Il Corriere, La Stampa, Il Giorno, La Repubblica. And many others.

This is the Italy of those who know how to look beyond their duties and rights, the Italy of those who are not afraid to rush to help their neighbor.
We are a beautiful people who never forget that the first, perhaps the only, essential "investment" is what we have to make in ourselves and in the community of which we are profoundly part.
Let's always take it with us!

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