When crowdfunding is addictive!

Face to face with one of our recurring supporters

05 Nov 2020

The supporters are the soul of a project, without them there is no crowdfunding.

For this reason, today we want to tell you the story of one of our super supporters, (whom for privacy reasons we will call L.), and of her group of sisters who over the years have supported various projects, all with one aim: to improve the world. .
Exactly, even we in our small way can change what surrounds us, even starting from the small, from the local, from a minimum support, but that can really make the difference to reach the goal.
L. knows this well, all the campaigns he has helped are aimed at improving the lives of fragile, disadvantaged people or cultural promotion activities in small urban centers.
Discovering these pearls of selfless goodness fills our heart, so we couldn't help but contact her and pay her homage.
Thanks L. from the whole Eppela community.

How did you find out about crowdfunding?

For some years now I have known the world of crowdfunding, through the internet and the contacts I have with various voluntary associations.

What is the first project you supported and why? Tell us your story!

I don't remember the first project I supported, nor how many there were. The reason why I do it, we do it, is simple: try to bring our small contribution to those realities that seem to us to be moving in the direction of a development of society that supports ethical and sustainable values, tend to equalize the inequalities of possibilities, do resorting to a creative vision of solutions to problems, all with particular attention to the world of women and culture.

What do you think about the tool? (crowdfunding)

With regard to the instrument itself, as far as it is possible to understand from the outside, it seems to give a fair guarantee that the funds actually go to their destination, without intermediate dispersions. Generally, whoever presents a project is a small and well-detailed reality and this seems to me a reassuring requirement from this point of view. Fundraising by large organizations always leaves me with the doubt that the funding paths are not always clear and linear.

Conclude the sentence: "It is important to support a crowdfunding campaign because ..."

... because it is important to support those projects that are considered valid, as an objective and as the people who support them, wherever they meet.

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