United against Covid-19!

Distant but close, let's overcome the emergency together.

23 Mar 2020

The Coronavirus emergency has forced us home, it is putting a strain on us, our loved ones, our country.

In this difficult situation, there are people who do not give up and who fight: stories of volunteers, associations, doctors, nurses and simple people who from their homes and PCs support the fight against Covid-19 through offers to campaigns of crowdfunding.

Everyone can (and must) do our part!

We at Eppela love and support these exceptional stories.
In this article we decided to tell you some...

maratoniAMO l’Italia

Never as in this moment, fixing the rules is fundamental, indeed vital. And in this, the world of sports also plays its part.

Given the government restrictions imposed on the price of outdoor sports, the community of runners throughout Italy with this campaign launch a cry that goes beyond "simple collection": "Let's run, yes, but to donate!"

This is the appeal that many athletes make, because we too can run our Solidarity Marathon.

The funds raised will be allocated to the SIIET - Italian Association of Nurses for Territorial Emergency, a support for those who are literally running against the clock at the moment to save the lives of our loved ones.

Go to the campaign

I can't stay home, what should I do?

fio.PSD is the Federation that provides services for homeless people throughout Italy. Since 1986, he has been working in the field to combat the serious marginalization of homeless people. 

In these extremely complex days for all citizens, homeless people experience a more difficult situation: with the closure of dormitories and canteens, they risk not having a peaceful shelter where to sleep, a hot meal to eat. 

While we all can #stayathome, they can't do it. 

By supporting the fio.PSD campaign, we can keep services open beyond normal hours, equip people with masks and overalls, in short, guarantee all the assistance needed by the many operators of the Federation to combat this emergency.

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La Spezia Solidale - We support Intensive Care

It is in difficult times that it is important to join forces and get busy. This is the mission of La Spezia Solidale the campaign promoted by the Caritas Diocesana of La Spezia who has decided to promote a fundraiser whose proceeds will be destined for the Intensive Care Unit of the Sant'Andrea Hospital of La Spezia.

Citizens who want to join will receive a water bottle in return, a thought to do good to others, to the environment and to ourselves.

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CoronaVirus Emergency - Varese

The volunteers of the CRI Varese know well what it means to be on the front line of the war during this health emergency. But they are also the first to need support, especially in the North. For this reason, the Varese Red Cross unit promptly moved and launched into a fundraising campaign that sees it as a promoter and beneficiary to combat the emergency.

The project, which is enjoying great success with the collection and involvement of citizens, will allocate funds to the purchase of protective materials and other useful supports for volunteers to continue to carry out their precious work safely.

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United for the Croce Verde - Porcari

From large cities to the smallest country, no one is left immune to the health emergency. We are all involved, but fortunately solidarity also has no barriers!

You don't need to be a large association, organization or company to promote a good cause, the United campaign for the Porcari Green Cross proves it. The small Tuscan town has not been intimidated by the moment, indeed with promptness and energy it has moved an entire community to help the volunteers who have always cared for and supported the territory. Now it's our turn: with a donation we can guarantee the right materials to continue to assist us and our loved ones.

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