This is a public call

We are looking for creators of all ages, by profession or by vocation. People who have intuitions and projects to set in motion, to change the market, to do good, to create emotions, to offer solutions... or for the sheer pleasure of producing something new.

Whether you're a professional or an enthusiast, you have a creative compulsion or a bright idea, the time has come for your ideas to get their glad rags on and get out there and flaunt it. Is the market not big enough for you? Have you yet to discover the right opportunity? It's time to try a different route. Because good ideas, new ideas, deserve space.

Eppela is your new opportunity: it's fun, social, and it's free. It allows you to share an idea and collect the funds needed to realise it, asking your friends to join in on the collection and involving those interested in backing your project. We are ready to get going. If you want your idea to be among Eppela's first stars, share it with us.

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