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Bait al Karama Palestinian Cookery School

Bait al Karama Cookery School is the first women led Palestinian cookery school: a challenging social, economical and cultural project in Nablus.

goal: € 13000
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Bait al KARAMA (House of Dignity) is the first Women’s Centre in the heart of the Old City of Nablus (Palestine), and aspires to combine a culinary social enterprise with activities of art and culture to develop regular income for women who struggle in the aftermath of the second Intifada.

Bait al Karama is planning to open the first women led international Palestinian Cookery School!

Bait al KARAMA Cookery School

The aim of the project is to generate flexible forms of employment for about 20 women living in the Old City of Nablus. The school will be located in a ottoman building, at the heart of Nablus; a palace that was recently rehabilitated after its complete destruction by the IDF – Israeli Defence Force. The kitchen, situated on the ground floor, will be refurbished according to the traditional domestic local culture but with highly professional and security standards.

Bait al Karama will be innovative in its structure and conception. The women will be offered the possibility to work, meet, aggregate and teach. Rather then a passive role as attendees, listeners and participants, they will take a very active position in the management of the centre and will have the opportunity to capitalise and transfer their cookery skills. The women will work in flexible shifts according to their family needs and will generate an income for themselves as well as for the development of the centre and its social and cultural activities.

The centre will represent a strong and concrete link between the local grass rooted social and educational activities of the Charity and an international cultural network. Bait al Karama is the first Slow Food Convivium in Nablus, looking at food as cultural heritage to preserve and revaluate.

Bait al Karama will offer to artists and researchers from all over the world the opportunity to investigate and contribute to the enhancement of the extraordinary tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Nablus Old City. The school will help build a positive image of Nablus as a city of culture, history and tradition, an image beyond the usual stereotype of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Finally, Bait al Karama will foster a sustainable use of the available resources. It will implement a network with local farmers and producers, will promote the use of organic and sustainably grown vegetables and meats, and will be converted, furnished and decorated according to the local arts and crafts traditions. Thanks to its activities, the centre will also foster meaningful sustainable tourism and will contribute to the local economy.

The money we will collect thanks to Eppela will be entirely devoted to the development of the cookery school: it will be used to buy furniture and appliances and to organise and deliver professional training for the women involved. We aim at opening the school in Spring 2012.

Bait al Karama is not part of any international NGO. Conversely, it is fully driven and carried on by the local association Nablus Old City Charity Society and by the women of the community. Every donation through Eppela is therefore vital and we prepared a set of rewards in order to thank and intrigue you. Throughout these gifts we would like you to share some of the tastes and beautiful products of the Palestinian cuisine.

The Zatar is the golden herbs of our cuisine and it holds all the Mediterranean flavours. You can eat it with oil and bread, and it will be great as part of your aperitif or as a simple snack. The Sumac is a red intense spicy you can add to your meat and veggie dishes, although we love it in the Shashuka, a vegetarian dish with onions, peppers, tomatoes and eggs.

As for the master chefs amongst you, we thought of a simple but meaningful object, the cliché for making Mammoul, gorgeous little cakes with a date filling (Don't worry, we will send you the recipe too!)

All this is just a little taste of what you can get in our school in Nablus where, if you come, we will share more incredible dishes prepared by the women of the Old City.

We look forward to meeting you!



  • 06/12/2011

    10th December - Terra Madre Day

    Our terra madre day, “mawa´d”, will be dedicated to the women that are part of the Bait al Karama women’s centre.

    The day will start with a workshop on nutritional aspects of the Palestinian traditional food, led by local experts in the field of nutrition. Our aim is to transfer the knowhow, both in theory and practice, on the beneficial aspects of the local food tradition and correct the unhealthy habits of quantity and quality in order to deliver a better understanding of self-management in the domestic sphere.

    The celebration will continue with a collective cooking session in our kitchen and a social moment in the afternoon where we will collect food related stories from the women as part of our narrative archive.

  • 13/12/2011

    Floor finished!

    Look at how beautiful it’s the new floor of the kitchen at the Bait al Karama Centre.
    We look forward to choosing and placing the appliances! We will do it thanks to the money we are collecting with

    Spread the word!

  • 08/03/2012

    Updates from Palestine

    I just published a short post about my most recent trip to Nablus.
    Sorry, only in Italian, but you can translate it directely from the blog.

    Hope you like it!


  • € 10 or more

    An email with thanks and updates on the project plus one Bait al Karama recipe.

    4 Sponsors

  • € 30 or more

    An email with thanks and updates on the project plus one Bait al Karama recipe + 1 little bag of Zatar herbs and 1 little bag of Sumac spices

    2 Sponsors

  • € 50 or more

    An email with thanks and updates on the project plus one Bait al Karama recipe + 1 little bag of Zatar herbs and 1 little bag of Sumac spices + 2 Bait al Karama cotton bags

    3 Sponsors

  • € 100 or more

    ErAn email with thanks and updates on the project plus one Bait al Karama recipe + 1 little bag of Zatar herbs and 1 little bag of Sumac spices + 2 Mammoul cliches (and the recipe!) + 2 Bait al Karama cotton bags

    2 Sponsors

  • € 500 or more

    An email with thanks and updates on the project plus one Bait al Karama recipe + 5 little bags of Zatar herbs and 5 little bags of Sumac spices + 4 Mammoul cliches (and the recipe!) + 3 Bait al Karama cotton bags + a Palestinian dinner in London or Nablus.

    1 Sponsors

  • € 1000 or more

    You are a Sponsor! Your logo will appear on our website for the year 2012 and it will be published on leaflets and brochures together with the other sponsors. You will also receive a box with typical Palestinian products to use as gifts and to promote our collaboration. Just contact us! It might be the begin of a fruitful collaboration (Subject to verification of ethical requirements)

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