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Show  inspired by the figure of the great Spanish painter Julio R. de Torres (1874-1930).?Dance and theater come together to let the viewers in a game between reality, art and dream.

goal: € 2000
days left

The central subject of all the artistic activity of Julio Romero de Torres was the woman. He painted the female figure of his era better than anyone else.His women, as can be seen in his paintings, transmit fear, illusion, desire, not merely be simple ladies, simple figures, they are women who are silent but speaking through their gestures, their glances and their poses. 

In this spectacular show the women in the paintings come to life and express themselves through dance. Flamenco-Spanish dance and modern with contemporary notes.An actor plays the character of Julio Romero de Torres, as if he was the "ghost" of the painter, enters the scene, narrating his story to the audience and to remember  him through his paintings.

A combination of theater and dance to create a world in which breaks every diagram of space and time, the three main characters, interacting with each other, represent scenes of everyday life at that time, pain, joy and celebration.?The most famous paintings of the painter flood the stage with visual projections, by introducing or reinforcing the issues addressed and developed in every scene.

With “¡Morena tiene que ser!” we want to propose new ideas, break with old patterns, investigate, create a personal expressive language, original and quality.?The central themes of the show are part of traditional Spanish culture, but are expressed through an alternative language and modern, thus creating an interesting contrast, dynamic and innovative.

Who are we?

We are two professional dancers, with long artistic career background. Finally, our dream came true. This year we have decided to put up our own company, a dream dedicated to people especially who love Spanish Flamenco. We organise self-produce show in an elegant and modern way.?All this required many sacrifices, especially in the economic view of the current social-economic situation and the lack of aid or loans from institutions, sponsors, production companies, etc. ...Nevertheless, we did it, we have taken the first step, we created our first show and put it on stage. But there's more....

Now, we need to "sell" and gather good materials (e.g.) professional photos, an attractive Web page, modern and a dossier, a promotional video program that surely attract much more attention to the future "buyers".... But these are too exspensive, and these are the reason why we are still here on Eppela.?The funds raised will be just to cover the cost of these promotional materials, to the company that will allow us to have visibility and to give us the chance to enter in to the national and European art market.

We are asking for your help for the next step, to ensure that our dream can go on.

Heartfelt thanks in advance!



  • € 10 or more

    Thank you!! Mention of your name in the "supporters" section of our web page

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  • € 30 or more

    Your name in the "supporters" section of our web page + DVD show with dedication

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  • € 50 or more

    Your name in the "supporters" section of our web page + DVD show with dedication + Madrid souvenirs (t-shirt, scarf or fantail)

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  • € 150 or more

    Your name in the "supporters" section of our web page + DVD show with dedication + 5 Spanish dance lessons online? via skype

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  • € 250 or more

    Your name in the "supporters" section of our web page + DVD show with dedication +? 1 night for two persons in an affiliated Hotel in Madrid (travel costs excluded), meeting with members of the company and 1 hour private flamenco lesson.?

    0 Sponsors

  • € 300 or more

    your name in the "supporters" section of our web page + DVD show with dedication + sponsorship: will be a official sponsor of the company and your logo will appear on the website, posters, videos, dossiers, etc...

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  • € 500 or more

    your name in the web page + DVD with dedication + 1 night for two people in an affiliated hotel in Madrid (travel excluded), 2 hours of private Spanish dance lesson, 2 free tickets in a typical flamenco tablao show in Madrid.

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