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Pagella Politica 2.0!

Pagella Politica is Italy's premier fact checking website. We are seeking crowdfunding to improve the service we offer to our readers.

goal: € 2500
days left

Pagella Politica is a free and voluntary project whose aim is to monitor and verify statements made by the main politicians on the Italian political scene through facts and numbers. Pagella Politica is the first Italian website entirely dedicated to fact checking: only four months after the website was launched, we have already verified around 500 statements.

Pagella Politica is a team of ten young professionals between the ages of 23 and 28 who want to put themselves at the service of truth and knowledge based on the deep respect we feel towards our country. We set aside most of our free time for this project which we fervently believe in.

Above all, Pagella Politica is a continually growing interactive community, where readers play a crucial role by pointing out statements that need verifying and by commenting those statements that have already been verified.

We turn to Eppela to make our website even more beneficial and user friendly and to make our service better and better.
As requested by a number of readers, we would, in particular, like to:

a) Bolster our statement collecting system to ensure a greater coverage of the major Italian politicians;
Improve the cataloguing of the verified declarations with the aim of creating a digital archive of public interest, potentially useful for journalists and researchers;
Make the website more interactive, for example (but not only!) by allowing readers to vote the truthfulness of each statement, as well as assigning a measure of relevance to the statements presented.

For more information on our website, please click on “Il Progetto” on our website (in Italian):

Our work has been quoted amongst others by La Stampa, Il Corriere della Sera - where we also manage a blog - and the Wall Street Journal.

We have also participated in the tv show "L'Aria che Tira" on La7.



  • 08/04/2013

    Thanks for your support! And please excuse us for the mishap.

    Dear supporters, thanks a lot for donating to our crowdfunding effort on behalf of all the Staff of Pagella Politica! We have reached our €2500 goal and will therefore be able to renovate the website in line with our readers' requests and so as to offer you an improved service.

    From your emails we know that there has been a technical problem due to PayPal's settings. Eppela is addressing this issue and it ought to be resolved very soon!

    While thanking you again for your donation we hope you will be patient with us - should there be further problems with individual accounts we will be contacting supporters separately.

    We will let you know as soon as the project has been regularly financed and at that point we will also start sending you our individual signs of gratitude accompanied by the rewards you have chosen :)

    Thanks so much!
    The Staff of Pagella Politica


  • € 2 or more

    A “Thank You” on our newsletter announcing the new website

    10 Sponsors

  • € 5 or more

    Your name or picture in the section “Pagella exists thanks to you” on our website

    17 Sponsors

  • € 10 or more

    A “Thank You” on our website+ digital copy of our illustrated “Panzanario” (our fib collector with the “best” fibs of 2012)

    42 Sponsors

  • € 20 or more

    “Thank you” on our website + paperback copy of our illustrated “Panzanario” (our fib collector with the “best” fibs of 2012)

    13 Sponsors

  • € 40 or more

    “Thank you on our website + paperback copy of our illustrated “Panzanario” + (our fib/fiction collector with the “best” fictions of 2012) one free entry to our first Pagella Politica event

    27 Sponsors

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