NXT2WIFI - Webserver module for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots by dbenedettelli

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  • Public thanks on project website, and one of mine LEGO MINDSTORMS book in digital format.

  • Public thanks on project website, and 1 (one) NXT2WIFI device for free. (instead of 100€ + shipping cost)

  • Public thanks on project website, and 8 (eight) NXT2WIFI devices for free. (instead of 800€ + shipping cost)

  • Public thanks on project website, and 18 (eighteen) NXT2WIFI devices for free. (instead of 1800€ + shipping cost)

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  • To fund this project you need a credit or debit VISA® or MASTERCARD® card.
  • We'll verify the validation of your card and at the time lapsing of the project, only if successed, we will draw the amount you funded.
  • How to ensure that my pledge will be given to the project once it's been funded?
  • Remember to mantain the amount avalaible on your card until the end line of the project. In the opposite case, it won't be possible to draw in case of success.
    If the amount is relevant, check your plafond often.
  • Are there any other commissions on my charge?
  • NO, the amount you fund is exactly what will be drawn once the project succeeds
  • Are there any limits to offers I can do?
  • Minimum offer is 2 €. Maximum is 1000€.
  • Can I consider my pledge as pure investment?
  • No. The pledge is a donation and you give back a reward. In any case, a money donation, even if relevant, can give you a kind of intellectual property o revenues sharing after the success, development and launch of the project
  • Who can access to my personal data?
    Who can have access infos about amounts of my pledges?
  • Only the project creator you selected will be able to access to your name, your email address. And only in case of success of the project.
    Any web users or viewers of the platform can access to your pledges and personals data.