NXT2WIFI - Webserver module for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots by dbenedettelli

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  • gugopostato il 02/10/2012

    I just got my NXT2WIFI module. Can't wait to test it!

  • claytonjrpostato il 24/09/2012

    Hi Daniele! September is almost at its end and I'm getting anxious :) If you have any news, please share them with us backers! Ciao :)

  • lauradebepostato il 16/05/2012

    That's great! I'm activating again my PayPal account to help you to gain your goal!

  • komodo.openlabpostato il 02/05/2012

    Is there a prototype of the webserver we can take a look at? It would be great if it could be controlled with swtiches on the browser. See a demo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5ommI5pEv4 Kids with disabilities would have a blast!

  • MinuteBotpostato il 01/04/2012

    Cool project! Good luck!

  • GreatMindsRoboticspostato il 28/03/2012

    Congratulations! I looked through the data sheet, and I can’t wait to get these. I am already planning class projects for our students involving this module and their Smart Phones.

  • Mac & Ginapostato il 26/03/2012

    Good luck Danny - hope to see you reach your target, so much potential in this project. Gina & Mac x

  • Dexterpostato il 21/03/2012

    Really a great idea Danny, i look forward to using my Samsung Galaxy to control NXT!

  • attiliopostato il 21/03/2012

    ciao Daniele, io sono rimasto ai Technic, ma questo progetto è uno dei più interessanti apparsi su eppela, quindi ho voluto contribuire con una spintarella iniziale. Coraggio, avanti tutta!

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